How Much Kilowatt Hour Do Australian Households Use Per Day?

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The current growth in the housing industry has resulted in modern homes that use more electrical appliances than it was in the past. The average kWh usage per day in Australia is rising at a very high rate in recent history. The significant growth in modern tech how has enabled us to make the best use of our electricity. However, there is still much to be done to minimise our usage of power.

What's the Average Kwh usage per day in Australia?

According to a reliable source, there was a detectable fall in energy usage in 2014-15. It became stable in 2012/13. There was a rapid rise of 10% in 2014/15 and a total energy usage of 22026 petajoules. That was a 4.9% annual increase. Regardless of the remarkable drop in energy usage the Australian Energy Market Commissions still did expect energy to rise. That tells you of an impending rise in average kWh usage per day in Australia.

What determines the average kWh usage per day in Australia households?

There are so many factors that will influence the average kWh usage per day in most Australian households. You will need to keep a keen eye on such elements to manage your usage to avoid a hike in your energy bills.

Some that will influence your usage is as follows.

  • The size of your house
  • Number of people living in your home-The number of appliances you have
  • The frequency of appliances usage.-Number of energy-hungry appliances in your possession
  • Climate you live as it will determine your usage of appliances for heat.
  • Your energy mix. For example, you can use solar to heat your showering water and gas to cook.

How do you reduce your average kWh usage per day in Australia?

It is surprising to see how we are addicted to electricity yet in the past we did not use power. The ancient ones depended on the sun and other means. But in our modern days, a blackout is not an exciting experience for anyone. Remember by us reducing our average kWh usage per day we stand to control the emission of carbon gasses into our atmosphere hence conserving our environment. Indeed, they are some significant measures you can put in place to reduce your average kWh usage per day in your household.

The suggestions are straightforward and easy to implement. You can opt to apply one of them. It is always fulfilling to reduce your energy budget even if with a few dollars. The following are some of the measures you can put into place to manage your usage.

  • Use cold water for doing laundry
  • Set your computer set to automatic sleep mode if not in use
  • Take advantage of natural light.
  • Reduce your sessions of watching television
  • Have brief showers as long showers means you are using the shower heater for long.
  • Ensure your house re-insulated.
  • Switch off appliances that you aren't using
  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Ensure you dry your clothes naturally.
  • Have your roof reinsulated
  • Do not use air conditioners instead wear appropriately for the season.
  • Make commercial use of any appliances.
  • Ensure your refrigerator is in its energy saving mode
  • Reduce the number of times you are charging electrical appliances
  • Do not wash when the dishwasher is not full. Wash when it has adequate dishes to wash.
  • Wear warmly rather than using the heater.
  • Install some solar panel to help you generate some electricity that you can use to power some of your appliances.
  • Check your meter frequently to monitor any misquotation of your electricity bill.
  • Deal with any power leakage example your neighbour tapping into your electricity line.
  • Take advantage of smart appliances that offer ways you can monitor your electricity usage.
There are more nuggets on how you can minimise your average kWh usage per day. At Gordon Powers, we look forward to sharing with you on ways you can successfully reduce your energy usage. You will get to learn from us on how to reduce your electricity bills and the available devices to help you. Besides, you will discover modern technology that will aid you in reducing your electricity usage.

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