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Switchboard Repairs

Urgently need your switchboard repairs? Our emergency electrician team is quick to respond and arrive at your site in under 60 minutes!

Electrical switchboards can be intimidating, especially if you have no experience or knowledge of how it can control your electricity. It is a manual control that allows you to control the connection between various parts of the building. Also known as a fusebox, these panel units are often outdated and neglected for years.

Emergency Switchboard Repairs

Electrical parts are prone to wear and tear over time and when a fault occurs unexpectedly, you will need an emergency experienced electrician from Gordon’s Powers Electrician to swiftly repair the problem. Having a sudden switchboard failure can be alarming and concerning.

Not only do you have to take the time and effort to investigate the problem but it will also cost you to repair the part. Gordon’s Powers offers an affordable solution by providing all our exact costs upfront so that you know the price before you pay.

Never let the problem linger on longer than needed. Leaving an unattended faulty electrical component is not only hazardous to cause an electrical fire, but you may also miss out on getting the part repaired. The longer the faulty part is left alone, the more damages it will cause on the product itself.

Having an unattended faulty switchboard will also create further problems as more electrical parts are affected by the faulty unit. Therefore, more switches and fuses will potentially run the risk of being damaged and need replacing.

How do you know if you need switchboard repairs or replacement?

There are a few things you will need to look out for in order to know if your switchboard needs to be repaired or replaced. These signs include:

Flickering lights

There may be several reasons for a flickering light such as an improperly screwed light bulb. However, it can also be caused by loose wiring or faulty switchboards. Have a certified electrician near you to correct the issue and minimise the risk of an electrical house fire. They can provide professional advice on what should be done to best protect your household and family and provide suitable switchboard repairs to handle high amounts of electricity.

Short-circuiting of appliances

You may have experienced your electricity ‘tripping’ or ‘short-circuiting’ when you have tried plugging in excessive appliances into your powerpoint outlets. Your electricity automatically shuts down when you try to turn on the appliance. This occurs when your switchboard activates a preventative mechanism that stops the circuits in the switchboards from overheating due to overloading of power from the household. The best way to prevent this from happening is to upgrade your old switchboard so that it can handle the high demand for electricity.

Rewireable fuses

It is common for old switchboards to contain rewireable fuses instead of circuit breakers. If you have an old house, chances are your switchboards have these fuses. Rewireable fuses contain copper fuse wires which be a meltdown or even blow when overloaded with a high demand for electricity. This is a major hazard in households due to potential home fire and injuries when inspecting your switchboard.

Overcrowded appearance

Your switchboard may be poorly installed by the previous owners and now you have to deal with the problems and faults that it has now caused. You will need a qualified electrician to fix the messy switchboard wiring. It may look unsightly but it has a bigger problem. Overcrowded wiring can make installing new electrical appliances to the switchboard longer than expected. It is best to repair your switchboard immediately so that your future devices and additions can safely be installed without any hassle.

Gordon’s Powers emergency switchboard response

As part of our superior service, Gordon’s Powers guarantees to arrive at your site in under 60 minutes to quickly attend to your fuse box. Our licensed emergency electricians are well-equipped with all the products needed to make a switchboard repair in one site visit. We only use the highest quality products to ensure that your switchboard is completely up to update and flawless. Our labor work is backed by a lifetime of warranty so you don’t have to worry about another switchboard failure again.

You nearby local Sydney emergency electrician

Our emergency switchboard repair, installation, and replacement extend out to the far regions of Sydney including:

With high-end products and experienced electricians on your side, Gordon’s Powers has everything to handle your emergency switchboard fix. Contact the professionals today on 02 9199 7480 for a free switchboard repair quote!


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