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Point of Attachment Repair and Installation – A Sparky’s Tale Electrical Connection

Electrical Connection at Gordon’s Powers, we’re qualified to disconnect and reconnect single and three-phase equipment. There are a number of reasons why you might call upon.

A lot of the problems that are identified by their officers will require a disconnection before the issue can be rectified. Only once rectified, can the reconnect occur. Aside from hazardous electrical installations, if your property is undergoing some major changes, you may also require an electrical connection, disconnect and reconnect.

Below are just some of the situations that our Level 2 electricians we work with have been called out to perform a disconnect and reconnect. Should any of these apply to you, reach out to us today. We service all over Sydney including the Eastern suburbsInner-WestNorth ShoreSutherland Shire, and Western suburbs.

Vacating or Moving into a Property

If you are moving out of your home or commercial premises. You’ll need to notify both your electricity retailer and a Level 2 electrician. Your electricity retailer will need to know for billing purposes and a Level 2 electrician will need to know so that they can organise for your existing electricity to be disconnected. A one-week notice period is generally sufficient, though if you need it done sooner, we can have one of our 24-hour emergency electricians assist with the disconnection.

When one door closes, another door opens. When another door opens, you don’t want to walk in on darkness. After you’ve made a new arrangement with your electricity retailer, a Level 2 electrician will again be required to conduct the electrical connection.


Demolishing and Excavating a Property

Nothing screams danger more than the thought of demolishing and excavating a property with live wires around. Be mindful of both overhead service cables and underground electrical systems. If you’re considering a knock-down and rebuild, there are three key electrical entities you need to notify: your electricity retailer, Dial Before You Dig and a Level 2 electrician. Not only can we assist with disconnecting your power prior to the works, but once your property is rebuilt, we’ll have you reconnected to the network in no time.


Electrical Equipment Upgrades

Before any electrical equipment is replaced, the equipment first needs to be disconnected by a Level 2 electrician. With the majority of Australians still using the older accumulation and interval electricity meters, it is not uncommon for us to receive requests to have them upgraded to smart meters.

Outdated circuit breakers and switchboards also need replacing. If a circuit breaker becomes faulty, it’s imperative you have it repaired or replaced. The circuit breaker is the most important electrical safety mechanism. By controlling electricity flow, it prevents electrical mayhem – outages, fires, equipment failures.

If you have an old circuit breaker, it may not have the capacity to carry the larger electrical loads demanded by the modern world. Should you find yourself in this situation, get in touch with a 24-hour emergency electrician. Once the upgrades are completed, we can have your electricity reconnected that same day.


Damaged & Faulty Cables

The same way our skin is susceptible to sun damage during a hot Australian summer, so too are your consumer mains. If the insulation around your cabling becomes “burnt”, you will need to have a Level 2 electrician disconnect your cables to complete the repair. Sometimes wires are found to be faulty shortly after they’ve been installed. If you aren’t sure if your electrical wires are faulty, we can provide a thorough inspection of your home electrical system. Again, this would require a Level 2 electrician to disconnect your wiring, have them replaced, and then reconnect them to your electricity.


Damaged Brackets & Loose Connection Boxes

While this doesn’t sound as alarming as digging through a live wire or overloading a circuit breaker, extreme caution must still be taken when repairing or replacing broken brackets and loose connection boxes. Many take it upon themselves as a DIY project, though a project like this presents the same danger as does any reason for disconnecting and reconnecting your electricity. As such, only a Level 2 electrician is qualified to undertake this sort of work.

Property Maintenance

Some handywork, you can take into your own hands. In fact, replacing rotten fascia boards and pruning tall trees that are located near service cables is mandatory and enforceable by electricity distributors. These activities, however, will require your overhead service cables to be disconnected. Because they’re within close proximity to live wires and your point of attachment, they present an immediate risk to your safety. Don’t hesitate to call one of our Level 2 electricians to disconnect your electricity for you and reconnect at your convenience.

Low-running Overhead Service Cables

Overhead service cables that are compliant can quickly become non compliant when new structures are introduced or land is elevated. The below additions to your property will likely require your overhead service cables to be raised:

  • Extension on your property
  • Elevating the ground
  • Installation of a new antenna
  • Having a flagpole erected
  • Construction of a pool
  • Planting a tall tree

By law, there must be a minimum safety clearance between your overhead service cables and land or structures. These distances vary depending on the circumstances. Prior to having any of the above introduced, you will need to have a Level 2 electrician disconnect your overhead service cables. Once the project is completed, the Level 2 electrician will raise your overhead service cables and reconnect your power. If you have overhead service cables running over the top of a site where you intend to lay a swimming pool, these will need to be disconnected and removed altogether.

Overhead service cables may also become low-running from the destructive forces of nature. Heavy wind, debris and rainfall may cause overhead service cables to collapse. If you notice this, promptly contact a 24-hour emergency electrician to have the electricity disconnected and the danger minimised. Only once they’ve been lifted, can the overhead service cables be reconnected.

Relocation, Removal or Replacement of Point of Attachment

The point of attachment is the location at which an overhead service cable is connected to your property. Running from the street’s network, they typically connect to fascia board, roof apex, private pole, private pillar or switchboard. If ever you need to have this point relocated, removed or replaced, only a Level 2 electrician is authorised to do electrical connection or disconnection.

Again, part of the process involves disconnecting and reconnecting service cables, which cannot be performed by a general electrician. You may require this service if you move properties, switch to an underground electrical system or have a private power pole installed or replaced.

Increasing the Number of Phases

If your property is supplied by single phase electricity, you’re fairly limited with the amount of power you can consume. Significantly increasing your electricity consumption may cause a power overload. For example, installing ducted air-conditioning. This is when you should consider switching to a three-phase supply. Typically, commercial properties would have three-phase electricity.

If you need to make the switch, contact a Level 2 electrician to do your electrical connection, install and reconnect your electricity source. Require any of the above services? Click here for a free quote. We deliver quality services at competitive prices to the whole of the Sydney electrician near you.

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