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Switchboard Upgrades Installation

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Are you struggling with an inadequate power supply? In today’s modern world, we rely more and more on power to maintain our daily routines. Naturally, we place more demands on energy supply so that we can continue to enjoy watching high definition TV, play with the latest games console or perhaps cook using the food processing equipment. A Switchboard Upgrades Installation is a system that operates your everyday appliances, lighting, cooktop, heavy machinery, motors, hot water systems and more, without a safe system, you could be exposing yourself from an accident that could happen at any time.

At Gordon’s Powers Electrical, we have helped hundreds of customers across Sydney keep up with their power needs so that they can enjoy their favorite things, all at the same time!

One of our experienced and highly qualified emergency electricians can be at your door in no time, to bring your switchboard upgrades and installation or even repair your existing one.

The Experts at Gordon’s Power will Restore Your Electricity!

If you are wondering whether it’s time to upgrade and replace your switchboard, you should probably consider it, if you experience any of the following:

  • Does it seem like your appliances struggle to get the power they need?
  • Does it seem like your fuse/circuit breaker trips every time you turn on microwave or kettle?
  • Do I have a safety switch installed?
  • Do your lights constantly flicker back and forth from dim to bright?
  • Can I see any ceramic fuses in my meter box/switchboard?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then it is most likely time for a switchboard upgrade.

Time for a Switchboard / Fusebox Upgrade?

The performance of your home’s appliances and general power supply starts with the switchboard. The role of the switchboard is to ensure that your appliances are getting the power that they need to work efficiently. A switchboard or fusebox upgrade also consists of having the latest circuit protection devices to protect you and property from dangerous electrical faults.

A Switchboard / Fusebox upgrade also gives you peace of mind knowing your power supply is safe and within the current electrical regulations.

Many older properties do not have a switchboard that is designed to keep up with today’s demands, therefore, modern power consumption can cause this out-dated piece of equipment problems. Older switchboards simply cannot cope with the volume and power of modern day appliances. If you consider the air-conditioning, hot water, electric stove and many other modern luxuries you use today, it is no wonder it could be time for an upgrade.

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