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Smoke Alarm Installation Sydney

Safety always comes first. Professionally installed smoke alarms.

The famous idiom “prevention is better than cure” is most appropriate when it comes to fire-safety and fire-damage. Fire alarms smoke detectors are a must-have in your home and office. They are recommended by all local authorities because they save lives. The government of Australia has issued laws regarding the placement of smoke alarms in residential buildings.

In many research studies and practical situations, smoke alarms have proven to work. If a fire starts while you’re sleeping, an alarm will sound waking up your family so that you can escape unharmed. Everyone thinks that disasters like a house fire will not happen to them, but there are over 11,300 house fires each year across Australia. More than 60 deaths occur each year and the majority of these happen during the evening hours from 9pm to 6am

What Is a Smoke Alarm?

A smoke detector is a device that is used to detect smoke indoors to indicate the presence of a fire and will trigger an alarm sound to alert anyone inside the building to evacuate.

A smoke detector consists of two parts – A sensor to detect smoke and a horn to alert people the presence of smoke. Most of the smoke detectors operate using either a 9-volt battery or a 120-volt electrical house current.

Types of Smoke Alarms

There are two main types of smoke alarms used in Australia. They are:

Ionization smoke alarmsIonization smoke alarms work well with an open flaming fire that has already been developed. These types of alarms contain a small trace of radioactive material which ionizes the air and triggers the alarm when the flow of ions is disrupted, hence the name “ionization smoke alarm”. Learning how to use a fire extinguisher can be highly beneficial to combat a small fire, otherwise evacuating the building is the safest option.

Photoelectric smoke alarmsPhotoelectric alarms are considered more sensitive than ionization smoke alarms. They can detect small amounts of smoke before anything tragic happens. Smoldering fires can last for hours before blossoming into a flaming fire. Photoelectric smoke alarms are highly effective to detect a fire before it happens.

This is why today’s experts and the Australian government recommend photoelectric smoke detectors in households. When the smoke alarm detects smoke it will sound an alarm that everyone can hear. The family can attend to the issue before a fire can enlarge or evacuate if the flame becomes out of hand.

How often should I test my smoke detectors?

It is recommended that you should get an expert such as Gordon’s Powers to accurately test your fire alarms smoke detectors. This is because we will be able to thoroughly examine both the smoke sensor in your unit and the horn sound. It’s critical to note that you should test your smoke detectors on a monthly basis. What’s more, you should have the batteries replaced at least twice a year.

Need help with your fire alarms and smoke detectors upgrades or installation. We have level 2 electricians on call our 247 emergency electrician service today. Find a Gordon’s Powers Sydney electricians near you now.

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Why Is It Essential To Hire Electrician For Installing Smoke Alarms?

Smoke alarm installation is a special skill set and individuals who are into this work will be well trained and experienced. The primary goal of installing these devices is to protect from the fire, so getting it installed by our professional electrician will ensure that the device works properly.

Reasons To Hire Gordon Power’s Electrician:

  • Professionalism: Our electricians are well trained and have the necessary skills and knowledge to install smoke detectors. We have level 2 certified electricians that can handle any type of electrical household jobs!
  • Reliable Service: The professionals always aim to meet the need of their customers and provide the required help.
  • Prevent Damages To The Property: If you try to install the smoke detector without proper training and knowledge, there are chances it may cause structural damages and cost you more. Our qualified electricians are well trained and have the necessary equipment to install the smoke detectors without causing any damages to the property.
  • Repair Service: If you install a smoke detecting device with the help of an electrician, he might help you when the device is malfunctioning or stopped working.

You can rely on the professionals from Gordon’s Powers to provide you and your family with safe and secured smoke alarms for maximum protection against electrical fire. For urgent electrical installations or replacements, our emergency 24-hour electricians can be of assistance around the clock.

Where Should You Place Smoke Detectors in your House?

It’s not enough to have a smoke alarm fitted – if it does not cover your full property, you may as well be without. There are some basic rules to follow, when protecting yourself, your family and your belonging against a fire. In Australia, each building and home must adhere to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, where a smoke alarm should be:

  • Installed on every floor of your home or business
  • Located outside every sleeping area
  • Positioned so the siren can be clearly heard from wherever you are in the building.
  • Appropriate for whoever needs it (for example, elderly residents with hearing difficulty should opt for an alarm that combines sound, flashing lights and vibration)
  • Positioned away from breezy areas (for example windows and air-conditioning ducts) otherwise their sensitivity to smoke is limited.

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