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Electrical Fault Finding

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Are you experiencing loss of power, loss of lights or an electrical system that keeps switching off, you may need some electrical fault finding. Electrical faults are common occurrences with serious consequences, but the good news is, they can be quickly rectified with some expert help. Any electrical fault you experience you can rest assured we will have it solved, and that’s a Guarantee!

Types of Electrical Faults

There are several types of an electrical fault that can occur within a circuit:

  • Open Circuit Fault – When the electricity circuit experiences a break (a tear or hole), the flow of electricity is interrupted and a fault occurs. Open circuit faults happen as a result of the element burning, a broken wire, a connection that has come loose, or rusting.
  • Short Circuit Fault – When the power supply is attached to a live or neutral wire that has no load, a fault can occur as a result of a blown fuse. Short circuit faults can occur as a result of insulation failure or a connection that has come loose.
  • Earth Fault – When the appliance becomes live, this is normally a result of an Earth fault. This kind of fault can give an electric shock and is normally due to a loose or damaged connection.

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The Gordon’s Powers Guarantee for Electrical Fault Finding

At Gordon’s Powers Electrical, we love a challenge. We take great pride in finding the root of the problem and quickly resolving it for homes and businesses across Sydney. Our friendly electricians are highly trained, so they know exactly where to look – so that you can get back to your day with minimal disruption, safe in the knowledge that you are no longer at risk.

What causes Electrical Faults?

In most cases when appliances near the end of their life – they simply stop working properly. In a small handful of cases, their wear and tear can expose wires, cause friction and pose a hazard. Electrical faults can also be caused by the human accident. Mowing through an electrical cable or spilling a cup of tea on an electrical device can have exactly the same effect.

If you suspect that you have an electrical fault on your hands, you should have it investigated immediately to ensure you and your family remain safe.

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