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What is level 2 electrician?

A level 2 electrician is different from a regular electrician. They hold more qualifications to do technical electrical work. Such as connecting and disconnecting power from the electricity network. Level 2 electrical issues are more dangerous and does require an experienced and qualified personnel to complete the works. An Electrician must be an Authorised/Accredited Service Provider (Level 2 electrician) to handle contestable works.

Looking for licensed level 2 electrical contractor for installation or repairs? Are you looking to upgrade your existing electricity supply? We take pride in the fact that we can take care of any size of the job, no matter how large or complex. If your job requires major electrical work. Gordon’s Powers can organise and work with a level 2 electrician for you immediately!


What is an ASP electrician?

An ASP (Accredited and Authorised Service Provider) is an electrician who has the qualifications and certified by the electricity authorities of Australia. The electricity authorities include, Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy. There are three types of ASP (level 1, 2 and 3).


Level 1 ASP electricians have the capability and consist of constructing and installing electricity distribution works to enable the provision of consumer connection services. Level 1 ASP’s complete a range of services such as:


  • The laying and stringing of electricity cables as well as the jointing of cables;

Level 2 ASP are electrician(s) are able to undertake the following types of work:


Class 2A Disconnect and reconnect – This includes disconnection and re-connection of service lines at the connection point. These are also referred to as a D&R within the industry and this type of work is mostly applied when the electricity supply to the premises or building is required to be de-energised for a number of different reasons, such as – upgrade of consumers mains, repairs, maintenance and even defect notices. A D&R is applied at the point of attachment, point of connection and point of supply, eg: private power poles, pillars, and building facade just to name a few in most residential environments.


Class 2B Work on underground service conductors and wiring systems including: Remove and replace a local electricity distributor security seal in accordance with local electricity distributor procedures;


  • installation and connection of underground service lines in accordance with the NSW Service & Installation Rules;
  • relocate/upgrade an existing underground service line and restore supply on completion;
  • disconnection and reconnection of underground service lines at the point of common coupling and the connection point; and replacement of a service protection device (including where it includes a meter protection device) and service active and neutral links.

Class 2C Work on overhead service conductors including, installation and connection of overhead service lines in accordance with the Service & Installation Rules of NSW;

  • relocate/upgrade an existing overhead service line and restore supply on completion;
  • disconnection and reconnection of overhead service lines at the point of common coupling and the connection point; and replacement of a service protection device including a service active and service neutral link.


Class 2D Energising Network Operator service equipment including service protection devices/fuses
remove and replace a local electricity distributor security seal in accordance with local electricity distributor procedures;


  • disconnection and reconnection of the service equipment (including service protection devices/fuses) at the connection point;
  • installation, replacement and removal of service protection devices/fuses as required by distributors in accordance with the NSW Service and Installation Rules
  • energising service equipment including service protection devices/fuses and an ASP may only remove or install meters if the ASP is accredited as a meter provider with the Australian Energy Market Operator


Level 3 ASP are only concerned with the design of distribution network assets. They are not qualified or authorised to carry out any electrical work such as installing or connecting to an electricity network.


  • Class 3A – Design of overhead electricity reticulation
  • Class 3B – Design of underground electricity reticulation




Why Do I Need a Level 2 Electrician?

Level 2 electricians are authorised to work on or near Ausgrids and Endeavour Energy’s network. In New South Wales, you will find a level 2 electrician completing most of the following works:

Supply and install customer private pole

Supply and install customer private pole for electricity connection to the premises, the approved poles are usually concrete, steel (galvanised) and timber poles. In a typical domestic installation of a 100 amp supply – a level 2 electrician will string up or install a 25mm XLPE Aluminium single phase or three phase ABC cable to the point of connection located at the top of the pole. A pole cap is installed along with a hook and any other appropriate fixings to accommodate and comply with the specific pole used.


Consumer mains upgrades

Consumer mains upgrades mostly when the existing wiring system between the point of attachment/point of supply/point of connection and the meter box either do not comply, are damaged or may be undersized to withhold the extra stresses that will be applied to them if there is an increase of load consumption. The consumers mains replacement or upgrade does not require for a level 2 electrician to complete these works, a suitable qualified electrician is permitted to undertake the works – as long as the connection to the network is not made, the level 2 electrician will test disconnect and reconnect the services once the upgrade has been complete and complies with AS3000 wiring rules and the NSW Service regulations for a safe and reliable electricity supply. If an electrician had completed the works they must provide a certificate of compliance for electrical works to both the customer and network supply authority. This is your assurance the works have been completed by a suitably qualified personnel and the installation meets the requirements they are governed by.


Overhead service and underground service mains

Overhead service and underground service mains are installations completed by a level 2 electrician that come in a form of single phase and three phase supply. An overhead service cable comprises conductors that allow for the flow of electricity. Suspended by poles, an overhead service cable has the capacity to carry electrical energy over long distances. If you step into your front yard, chances are you’ll sight an overhead service cable. They run from the street’s network pole to the property itself or a private power pole.

Overhead power line service cables can be either single or three-phase, depending on the property’s requirements, usually range from 100amps service to 400amps. For example, a warehouse that needs to power large industrial equipment would require a three-phase supply and a home with basic electricity needs like TV and lighting, would only need a single-phase supply.


Defect notices

There are a number of reasons why your electrical installation may not comply with safety standards. Electrical defect notices can be issued for faulty wiring, modifications to the original connection, or un-kept vegetation that presents a risk of interference with electrical wires. Other issues that are commonly defected include rusty or broken brackets, loose connection boxes, rotten fascia boards, outdated switchboards, UV-damaged mains, point of attachment issues and low-running overhead service cables.

A level 2 electrician can do a whole range of electrical work not limited to just the above, we can arrange and work with a level 2 electrician NSW Sydney to tackle all electrical works, No hold ups, no second visits, and no frustration! Gordon’s Powers is your trusted Sydney electrician.

Due to the nature of our close working relationship with Level 2 electricians our service goes above and beyond that of an average electrician. As a result, you can rest assured that your job will be dealt with in one visit. The best emergency electricians in Sydney.

Trying to find an electrician in Sydney? Find one in our electrician near me locator around Sydney!


Level 2 Electrician FAQs

Do you still have questions related to a level 2 electrician in Sydney or with an electrical defect notice issued within New South Wales? Don’t worry, we answer all your questions here.


What is an installation defect notice?

Defect notifications are issued by Ausgrid inspection officers on both new and existing connections. The notification details faults on a customer’s connection to an Ausgrid electricity network when it does not comply with all relevant safety and network standards (including the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995, and the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006).


Is there a particular reason my home was inspected?

No. Ausgrid inspection officers carry out regular and routine inspections across their electricity network to ensure public safety and network standards are complied with.


Why have I been issued a defect notice?

Your electrical installation does not meet safety standards. This could be for a number of reasons, such as incorrect or faulty wiring, recent modifications or additions to the connection, or vegetation growing too close to electrical wires.


My electrical work was completed by electrical contractors or an Accredited Service Provider (ASP). Why don’t they receive the defect notice?

Where the defect is a result of work completed by an electrical contractor or an ASP, both you and the contractor will be notified about it, as well as what the fault is, and the timeframe for rectifying it.


Will the electrical contractor have to repair the fault?

Yes. It is the contractor’s responsibility to address any defects identified, and all work on electrical connections to an Ausgrid network must be completed by licensed electrical contractors or an ASP. 


What happens if they don’t?

Defects that are not rectified within 21 days of issuing a defect notice may result in the disconnection of electricity supply to the property, until suitable repairs are made. Where an original contractor is unable to carry out the repairs, it is your responsibility to engage another contractor qualified to complete the work to the safety and service standards required. You can then consider taking further action against the original level 2 electrical contractor by referring the matter to NSW Fair Trading.


Isn’t it unfair that I am impacted because of a level 2 electrician’s mistake?

The disconnection of electricity to a property is considered a last resort, however safety is paramount. Ausgrid is required by law to ensure all electrical connections comply with safety standards and keep everyone safe. 


My electrical connection has not changed. Why have I been issued a defect notice now?

Defect notices issued on existing service connections are often a result of vegetation such as tree branches interfering with electrical wires, or modifications made to existing connections. 


Why is this my responsibility if it is Ausgrid’s network?

Ausgrid is responsible for the maintenance and repair of its electricity network in the street. Residents and businesses are responsible for safety clearances and connection points for the service mains that extend onto property.

Works undertaken from the first point of connection on the property are considered the customer’s electrical installation, which you are responsible for ensuring adequate maintenance, and the safety of.


I am only a tenant. Is this my responsibility?

You have received the defect notice because it is sent to the property address. If you are a tenant, you should forward the notice to your property manager or your landlord as soon as possible for their action.


What happens if I’m unable to get the work repaired within the timeframe specified?

Contact Ausgrid’s Field Operations group. You may be able to negotiate an extension, depending on the defect.


Do fees apply?

It depends on the work. Where repairs involve disconnecting the property from the electricity network at the point where it connects to the distributor pole, a fee may apply to reconnect to the pole. Ausgrid may charge a re-inspection fee for an authorised network representative to inspect the installation and deem its compliance. Where the defect was caused by a contractor, payment of the re-inspection fee is their responsibility. 

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