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We shall all abide by a common rule of life: Prevention is always better than cure.

It is better to be prepared now than to face the possible consequence of not preparing a little bit earlier. May it be in life, future plans, and family protection, you deserve to be in the best protection as possible. This is especially more applicable to where your homes are concerned. Preparing your dream plans for a dream home means putting the safety and precaution aspect in serious priority.

Smoke alarms can save you a big deal. Here at Gordon Powers, we equip your homes with smoke alarms for future protection and make sure that your properties and possessions are as safe as possible. You should have a fire alarm installed for these reasons:

1. Smoke alarms serve as an alert for incoming fire

Having a smoke alarm can literally save your life along with your families. It can detect smokes from afar and alert the family via a really loud alarm if a threat of fire can burst out anytime. There are two common types of smoke alarms: Ionisation Smoke Alarms and Photoelectric Smoke Alarms. Studies show that Photoelectric smoke alarms with 3 to 5 minutes response time, can react faster than Ionisation Smoke Alarms with a response rate that may take up to 20 minutes.

Everyone thinks that when a fire breaks out, it becomes apparent even to people who are asleep. The truth is, most people wake up when it’s too late. With the faster response time of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms, there are better chances of your family getting out of harm’s way and your property being engulfed in flames. A smoke alarm can save you and your home.

2. They don’t cost as much

Smoke alarms are very affordable. Your local store could sell it from $10 up to $100 and can be maintained by changing batteries that cost even less than the alarm itself. The prices vary depending on the model you’re going to buy.

The cost of smoke alarms doesn’t compromise the precaution you have. You don’t need to have top-notch security systems to always make your spaces hazard-proof. A little effort on determent goes a long way. Your property isn’t the only thing you’re going to save, you’re also going to save a lot from your pocket of expenses for a simple alerting device. A smoke alarm also saves your savings.

3. Smoke alarms are always on

Smoke alarms are always operating. The maintenance of your smoke alarms includes constant cleaning to avoid false alarms and constant battery changes. Smoke alarms on average have battery lives of 3 to 5 years. Unless you want to upgrade into a better alarm or damage the ones you currently have, your present smoke alarm definitely works fine as long as there are functional batteries inserted at the back.

Here at Gordon Powers, we make sure that your homes can be as free from fire accidents which can cause major peril and effect in your lives. Part of the services we offer includes the installation of smoke alarms for your homes. Do you want to be on fire with smoke protection for your self, family and home? Call (02) 9199 7480 or send an enquiry at hello@gordonpowers.com.au