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Home Electrical Inspection Sydney

Home Electrical Inspection Sydney – Have peace of mind today. Call Gordon’s Comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspection.

Time for a home electrical inspection…Can you be sure your home is safe from an electrical fire? General home inspectors are not equipped with the necessary skills or qualifications to make an informed and rigorous inspection on the condition of your home electrical system. They simply do not understand electrical systems in sufficient depth. Therefore they omit important details that would have been picked up by a qualified electrician.

Putting your family’s safety first with Gordon’s electrical safety inspection.

Home Electrical Inspection Sydney At Gordon’s Powers Electrical gives you Residential Electrical Services Sydney. We have visited hundreds of homes across Sydney to undertake a comprehensive electrical check.

Our home electrical inspections will provide you with peace of mind. When your home electrical system and its components are up to a safe standard. In fact, our home electrical inspection incorporates checks on safety, hazards, and risks that exceed the industry standards. Our priority is your safety, therefore our inspections are thorough and our electricians are highly trained.

Electrical Inspection

A thorough Gordon’s Powers Home Electrical Inspection Sydney will include the removal, analysis of a number of devices, such as outlets, switches Electrical installations Sydney. In doing this we will check:

  • Check the condition of the device and the wire feeding the apparatus
  • Check for open grounds
  • Check for correct polarity
  • Check the integrity of the connections
  • Whether it is correctly wired using appropriate wiring methods

A typical inspection will involve checking a selected number of devices. If any problems are spotted, then we investigate further to see if problems exist in other areas. This involves inspecting:

  • Inspecting the switchboard for proper earth grounding, bonding, and integrity of connections.
  • Check for the presence of a driven ground/earth rod and the integrity of the connection.
  • Check critical areas for potential corrosion problems that may result from improper connections or the use of dissimilar metals.
  • Test the operation of all Residual Current Devices or any other protection device.

Get an electrical inspection today. Don’t gamble your family’s lives.

Time for a Home electrical inspection?

You should consider a home electrical check if you are:

  • Buying a property
  • Selling a property
  • Renting or renting out a property
  • Unsure whether your electrical system has been checked for some time
  • Worried that your home electrical system is out-of-date

If you need to make the switch, contact a Level 2 electrician to do your Home electrical inspection. Click here for a free quote. We deliver quality services at competitive prices to the whole of the Sydney electrician near you. Our serviced areas include North Sydney, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Sydney CBD, Western Sydney, South Sydney and North East Sydney.

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