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Gordon Powers, an emergency electrician Sydney, offers outstanding 24/7 electrician emergency assistance. We understand that when things go wrong, they generally do so without warning and at the most inconvenient time. For that reason, we’ve expanded our services to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So you can rest assured that whatever electrical problems you might have, we can help!

We provide all our 24 hr electrical services on an emergency basis and we pride ourselves on rescuing homes and businesses daily with our dedicated 1 hour response time.

When in search of a professional Sydney 24 hour electrician, you can rely on the Gordon Powers team. With expertise in all electrical services and 24/7 access to assistance, Gordon Powers is eager to help with all of your electrical issues. No matter what the problem, Gordon Powers can diagnose it and resolve the issue so that your family won’t have to be in the dark for an extended period of time.

Unsure if you may need the help of a 24 hour emergency electrician in Sydney? If you are experiencing any of the following scenarios, make sure you call the emergency electrician professionals at Gordon Powers.

Are you experiencing

  • Power or lights out?
  • Fuses blown or too hot to touch?
  • Safety switches won’t stay on?
  • Power poles / Mains down?
  • Truck collected overhead Mains?
  • Supply Authority couldn’t help you?
  • Electrical smells?
  • Sparks in sight?
  • Lights on appliances flickering?
  • Struck by Lightening?
  • Alarm Disconnections?
  • Switchboard / Fusebox Arcing?

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No power or light at home in the middle of the night? Our 24 hour electrician can help!

As a homeowner, you are most likely equipped to handle common issues throughout the home. Minor repairs and problems are often handled without the aid of a professional. However, more often than not, a power outage is enough reason for homeowners to reach out to an after hour electrician.

Whatever the cause of your electrical problems, if they occur overnight or during other off-peak hours, you’ll need the help of a 24-hour electrician. Sydney families can be left without the comfort that they need when an electrical outage occurs. Household appliances will be affected, which can leave your food to spoil and leave a horrible residual.

When disaster strikes or you find yourself with a major problem, you’ll want to hire professionals that will understand how to remedy the situation. Electrical problems can lead to dangerous situations and even larger problems when the homeowner attempts to deal with it alone.

If your power goes out during the night, attempting to take care of it on your own can be dangerous. Before you cause a larger issue or put yourself in harm’s way, contact a Sydney after hours electrician to remedy the situation quickly.

Call Gordon Powers Electrical to have it reliably fixed in a hurry

Aside from the dangers associated with trying to make electrical repairs without assistance, you could also create a much larger and more expensive problem. Professional after hours electricians in Sydney will be able to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. When you find your home without power or with another electrical issue, the professionals at Gordon Powers are eager to assist. As an after hours electrician in Sydney, the Gordon Powers team is always standing by to help, even in the middle of the night.

When the electrical system in your house or business malfunctions or fails outright, at some inconvenient time of day, you do not want to sit for many hours waiting for an electrician to dawdle to your doorstep. You want the problem dealt with as soon as possible so that you can resume your operations whether that is getting back to sleep, preparing for work, not having to worry about your refrigerated items or continue running your business as a restaurant owner, convenient store manager or data manager.

Remaining out of operation all night can cost a business thousands of dollars, depending on its nature. You cannot serve customers at a restaurant if the electric kitchen appliances are standing idle and the lights in the main serving area are dark because of a shorted-out circuit breaker somewhere in your walls. Nor can you afford to shut down whenever there is a problem with the electricity – problems which are all too common because of the high power demands of many businesses.

The computer has become a vital tool for many businesses, too, ranging from manufacturing to service to retail. Without a computer, adequate records cannot be kept of stock or clients, possibly leading to transactions failing to be recorded, or, in the worst case scenario, employee pilferage going unnoticed due to an “information blackout” overnight.

Guaranteed after hour electrician to arrive to your site anywhere in Sydney within an hour!

Although most urgent electrical needs occur as a result of a storm or other natural disaster, problems like these can happen at any time. Whether caused by a storm or the result of faulty wiring or other issues, gaining access to professional services before the problem gets out of hand is key.

Our team of dedicated emergency electricians are highly skilled to deal with whatever electrical emergency you may have.

Your 24 hour emergency electrician may require a level 2 certified electrician which we can also assist you with, this certification puts us at no limits, working on live wires and metering equipment, therefore ensures our emergency service goes above and beyond of any average electrician. This gives you a peace of mind knowing that the job will be successfully completed in just one visit!

There is no need for alarm when the lights go out. With our guarantee to be on the scene and starting repairs within 60 minutes, the after hour electricians from Sydney's Gordon Powers are among the fastest and most reliable in the business. If you want to save even more money, join us as a regular member and you will receive a 15% discount in addition to travel fees being waived.

Call our friendly team on 02 8315 2859. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency you experience

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