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At Gordon’s Powers, we look out for number one – you. Our Sydney emergency electrician service exists to take care of your safety and well-being in the moments you need it most. Whether you’ve been affected by natural disaster, require urgent repairs to electrical equipment or are simply in a sticky personal situation, call on us and we’ll be there at any time on any day.

Flood & Storm Damage to Electrical Circuits

It is important to recognise that the impact of flood and storm extends beyond mould and structural weakness to your property. Most critically, your electrical system is compromised. If not managed appropriately, a water-damaged electrical system can present a risk of fire, electric shock, and even death. If you’re reading this from a flood or storm affected property, stop, and reach out to our Sydney emergency electrician as soon as possible. We’ll be at your doorstep within the hour.

During and after a storm or flood, there are a number of safety precautions that should be taken:

  • Do not step in water that’s at the height of any electrical outlets or devices as this could be charged with a lethal electric current.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances that have been affected by water.
  • Avoid collapsed overhead service cables.
  • Use your 5 senses to help measure the extent of water damage. Steer clear of flickering lights, sparks or popping and buzzing noises. If something smells like burning plastic, this may indicate an electrical fire.

If you’ve been affected in any of these ways, immediately contact an emergency electrician. Our Sydney emergency electrician can provide a full electrical inspection to assess the extent of the damage. Only once this has been performed and you’ve been cleared of any risk, should you drop caution and resume use of any electrical equipment. Be prepared, you may need to replace several electrical components like wiring, outlets, switches, fixtures, heating, air conditioning and appliances. Our Sydney emergency electrician can also assist with this, if necessary.

Complications with Electrical Safety Mechanisms

Two of the most important safety features in your electrical system are your safety switch and circuit breaker. A safety switch cuts electricity when there’s been an unusual interference with an electrical circuit. This may occur when drilling through walls, through termite & rat infestation, faulty wiring or water-damaged power sockets. A circuit breaker controls the flow of electricity to protect your electrical system from the impact of an electricity overload.

If you’re experiencing power outages, equipment/appliance failure, and in extreme cases, an electrical fire, these may be signs that either of the two, are defective. Intermittent safety switches and circuit breakers that have reached their electrical capacity often need to be replaced. To avoid this from happening, safety switches and circuit breakers should be regularly inspected. If you need an urgent replacement, one of our Sydney emergency electricians will be able to supply and install one on the same-day.

Electrical Defect Notices

When you are issued an electrical defect notice by Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy, you’re expected to have the problem rectified in 21 or 30 days, respectively. Reasons you may receive an electrical defect notice include faulty wiring, damaged brackets, outdated switchboard and rotten fascia boards. Sometimes, there are exceptional circumstances that require sooner attention.

For example, if an electrical circuit is overheating, your electricity distributor will ask you to remedy it immediately. Should you find yourself in this position, we can organise for one of our Sydney emergency electricians to carry out a repair for you. Similarly, if you are nearing your deadline and your electricity distributor has been unable to assist you, you can contact our Sydney emergency electrician. Simply give us a call, explaining what you’ve been defected for, and we can have somebody at your property in less than 60 minutes.

After Hours Electrical Services

In addition to a rapid response time, our Sydney emergency electricians can attend to any electrical issues after-hours. As a 24 hour service, we can assure that all your urgent home and lifestyle matters will be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

  • During weather extremes, the elderly and ill become particularly vulnerable. If your air-conditioning or heating is down, we can have it restored on the spot.
  • If you run a commercial property, it’s imperative you have an operating security system when the premises is vacant to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Working from home as a student or employee can place deadline pressures on you. This is a time you wouldn’t want to be without a computer or internet.
  • It’s State of Origin night and you’re hosting. Stay in your friends and family’s goods books with a fully-functioning TV!

Gordon’s Powers delivers Level 2 ASP and 24 hour electrical services to all of the Sydney Metropolitan. If you are located in the Eastern suburbsNorth ShoreSutherland ShireThe Hills District and Western suburbs and require a Sydney emergency electrician, we’ll arrive at your site within 60 minutes – guaranteed.

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