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As a qualified 24 hour electrician in Sydney, Gordon’s Powers recognises the inconvenience that electrical problems can have on our everyday lives. To help combat this, we’ve dispersed a team of electricians across the Sydney Metropolitan, with the sole purpose of making your life easier. Whether it’s a power outage, damaged power pole, alarm problem or hot water issue, we’ll be at your doorstep within one hour, guaranteed.

Power Outages

If you’re still lighting up candles and digging around for torches when there’s a power outage, you need to get with the times! As one of the most-respected 24 hour electricians in Sydney, Gordon’s Powers can have your electricity restored in no time.

There are 5 key causes to a power outage:

  • Extreme Weather Conditions: Strong wind, lightning, flying debris and heavy rainfall can all damage electrical infrastructure.
  • Uncontainable Bushfires: As a safety precaution, your electricity distributor may make the decision to shut off electricity.
  • Electricity Spikes: Electrical faults like short-circuits and malfunctioning circuit breakers can sometimes lead to an excessive surge in electricity that suddenly cuts power off.
  • Motoring Accidents: Vehicle collisions can significantly damage power poles and overhead service cables.
  • Wandering Animals: Australian wildlife is unparalleled, and with that, comes the risk that they may at some point come into contact with your electrical system.

In most of these circumstances, you can reach out to a 24 hour electrician in Sydney to get your electricity back up and running. If there’s a widespread blackout, your electricity distributor will be your best point of contact, though they’ll likely ask you to just wait it out.

Damaged Power Poles

An unfortunate but common occurrence is the collision of vehicles with power poles and pillars. Your immediate instinct might be to escape the wreckage, however your safest best is to stay put and dial 000. If direct danger presents itself, like a fire, only then should you attempt to exit the vehicle, but not without taking these necessary precautions:

  • Check for fallen overhead service cables
  • Jump out of your vehicle, making sure to land with both feet
  • Do not touch your vehicle once you’re out
  • Keeping your feet together, shuffle or jump a minimum of 10 metres away from the wreckage
  • Call triple zero

Because your body conducts electricity, by following these steps, you minimise the risk of electrocution. As a 24 hour electrician in Sydney, Gordon’s Powers can be one of the first responders on the scene, eliminating any electrical risk to you and bystanders.

If for any other reason your power pole is down or leaning, treat it with the same caution and contact a 24 hour electrician immediately.

Noisy Smoke & Security Alarms

So there’s no fire and no burglary but the sound of your smoke or security alarm is incessantly blaring throughout the neighbourhood! Sometimes the solution is as simple as a battery change, though commonly, it could come down to the location of the alarm or any wear and tear and product faults.

If you have young children or a family pet, it’s important to establish rules and barriers that prevent them from wandering into sections of the property where they can trigger the security alarm. The location of a smoke alarm should also be carefully considered. Some smoke alarms mistake debris in the air for smoke. If your smoke alarm is near an area that collects a lot of dust and moisture, then it may be worthwhile relocating.

Signs of wear and tear to look out for may include damaged or rusted component housing, frayed wires, battery leakages, debris build-up and a dangling unit. If you observe any of these, address the problem before it turns into a bigger (and noisier) problem. If you don’t notice any obvious issues with your alarm, it may just be faulty.

As a 24 hour electrician in Sydney, Gordon’s Powers can get to the Eastern suburbsInner WestNorth ShoreSutherland Shire and Western suburbs within 60 minutes. We can disconnect your alarm to perform repairs or replacements at any time, especially if it’s disturbing your beauty sleep.

Hot Water Tank Issues

First-world problems: not being able to take a nice warm shower. The good news is, we have a 24 hour service for that also. We’ll troubleshoot and service your hot water tank the same day – guaranteed. Hot water accounts for a huge sum of your energy bill so to avoid inefficient energy consumption, it’s important to have your hot water tank regularly maintained. If you think it’s time for an upgrade and you call upon one of hour 24 hour electricians in Sydney, we’ll even collect your old hot water tank and give you $150 to use towards a new one.

Should you fall victim to any of the above life inconveniences, do not hesitate to reach out. Mention “24 Hour Electrician Offer” and we’ll even take $50 off your first call-out.

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