The power of electricity has brought wonders everywhere.

It is one of the main sources of power worldwide. However, as much as it has brought wonders, it can also be the cause of nightmares. When safety measures aren’t followed through, electrical accidents can always happen. You might be the next victim of unavoidable causes for very simple mishaps.

The following figures below will point out to you just how serious electrical emergencies can get. Here are a few statistics about electrical emergencies:

1. 73% of deaths by electrocution happen at home.

May it be intentional or unintentional, electric currents in your homes can cause serious damage. Make sure your electrical appliances are safe and kept.

2. 61% of electrical injury to electricians occur during work.

When you hire your electrical technician to do the tasks, it is crucial that they observe and follow the most basic safety precautions when handling the job you gave them. This big percentage, more than half, of electricians who experience injury might have missed a small step in dealing with your concerns. Was it a loose protective gear? Did they check their tools beforehand? Please remind your local technicians to be safe. It’s a small step, but it may save them from harm.

3. Out of 1,065 hospitalisations that occurred due to electrical emergencies, 55 died.

55 deaths translate to a 5% mortality rate for electrical emergencies. If more safety measures are thoroughly followed, from wearing proper protective gear to meticulously planning methods of the task, hopefully, nobody has to result in injury and danger.

4. Last year, a 19-year-old electrical apprentice died.

Australian authorities emphasise strict precaution on working with live parts. Isolation and testing are pertinent steps in doing tasks that involve live parts. The 19-year-old electrical apprentice died while working on an air conditioner unit that was mounted on the roof. It’s an alarmingly young age to die because of preventable accidents. Accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of age. Practice your safety measures well.

5. For electrical injuries, 61% are due to materials, equipment, appliances, etc..

More than half of electrical injuries are caused by things found in your homes. Your sockets, appliances, and equipment might give you the next shock of your life. It is important to always consider an extra layer of caution when dealing with those. You can start by keeping your hands dry whenever you plug or unplug a device.

6. There are 4% of electrical workers that arent entitled to compensation if accidents ensue.

If something happens to electrical technicians, a number of them will not be able to claim compensation. If you plan to hire one, ask them about their insurance situations before they start their jobs with your homes. In case anything happens, at least they can fall back on something after.

7. There were 1,120 serious claims for compensation due to electrical accidents.

With 1,120 serious claims for compensation, it means that a big number of electrical workers are really put in harm’s way because of their jobs. Dealing with electricity should really reinforce strict safety guidelines not only to you but to the person who’s going to work on your request.

8. Almost 90% of accidental claims are males and 10% are females.

9. In case of fire accidents, only 50% of occupants know how to fully operate a fire extinguisher.

A big number of house fires happen because of overlooked appliances and equipment. Worse, only half of the households that have fire extinguishers are confident enough in using them. When you purchase safety equipment, study them carefully too. Different safety devices cater to different safety needs and scenarios. Your safety starts in the things you’re willing to learn and apply.

10. In cases of emergencies, the most affected body parts during an accident are the hands (31%), forearms (10%) and foot (8%).

There are a lot of statistics and information regarding electrical emergencies. Despite the fact that accidents happen anytime, we also know that prevention is always better than cure. Be prepared now and be more confident about important matters in your home.

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