Electrical systems sound like such a complicated matter in your everyday life. There are too many things going around that you might not know.

In effect, the only thing left for you to decide on is either searching the internet for answers to your concerns or calling out your favourite electricians around the area. Either way, there are questions you should know about. You can call it the basic things of your electrical systems.

Electrical service providers like Gordon Powers has been around to help you in your electrical enquiries. As a team of Level 2 electricians in Sydney, we are available for you. Here we discuss the 10 most frequently asked electrical questions that property owners ask about.

How are fuse and circuit breakers different?

Both fuse and circuit breakers both break the flow of electricity when there’s too much flowing around. The only difference is that a fuse is good for one-time use and you can reset a circuit breaker again. You’ll need to buy another fuse once it disrupts an unusual current of power.

What is a short-circuit?

A short-circuit is something you must often hear from your electrician. To simply put, a short-circuit is just a flowing electric current coming into contact with a grounded wire. The unintended contact with a grounded wire can result in sparks, unexpected explosions or overheat as the current tries to find another path from the path of lower resistance.

What should I do with flickering lightbulbs?

Flickering lightbulbs are one of the most common problems you’ll face in your property. Typically, you’ll need to check the bulb socket and replace a damaged lightbulb. For more urgent situations, call your electricians as the overheating around the bulb might not only result in a flickering bulb but also a fire danger. 

What is a GFCI or an AFCI? Do I need one?

GFCI means Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter, while AFCI means Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter. Both devices are protective devices for your electrical systems. An AFCI interrupts circuits that might cause potential fires while a GFCI protects you from an electric shock. It is necessary for your home especially if you have children running around that might accidentally come into contact with plugs or electric wires.

Is my electrical system safe?

One of your main concerns might be the safety of your family and property. One way to know if your power system is in good condition is by constantly calling in your electrician to check. Even if your system looks like it’s working fine, you’ll never know if the wiring and pathways behind your property structure are okay. Vermin and insects might be housing which can cause potential issues for you. Do regular checks for your power system. 

When do I need to upgrade my power system?

For much older properties, an electrical system upgrade is necessary. The material standards and power needs nowadays are not exactly the same as decades ago. Moreover, your wires and outlets wear out from daily usage over time. It is only necessary that you do an upgrade, especially if you have newer equipment and appliances that take in more power. 

Make sure your electrical system is capable of handling your electrical needs.

When do I need to have a rewire in my property?

Besides the age of your electrical systems, more urgent concerns will need you to do a rewire of your property. Once you start to have a sense of different smells around, such as the smell of burning wires or burning metal, you might want to consider rewiring your property. This is a clear sign that there are damages in your wiring that you are unaware of. Call your electricians for these concerns. 

Can I handle my own electrical concerns?

There are electrical concerns that seem easy to handle like replacing light bulbs or resetting circuit breakers, and other day-to-day electrical tasks. However, there are some electrical jobs that need the expertise and experience of your local electrician to address the issue. For example, repairs and rewires are best left to your local Level 2 electricians from Gordon Powers. 

When do I need to call my trusted local electricians to the scene?

If you ever experience urgent concerns and emergencies, there are emergency electricians available for you. Service providers are usually available 24/7 to keep an eye on potential electrical problems on the scene. For your emergency needs, call your local electricians immediately and don’t wait until a potential fire or damage breaks out. 

How much will it cost to upgrade my electrical system?

Each electrical service is different. However, you are free to enquire for quotations about the service you want to book. Some electrical tasks might cost slightly above others, but for some electrical-related jobs, it is better to invest in expert services from your electricians to make sure that you are as safe as possible. 


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