10 Electrical Repairs Signs

Electrical manufacturing has been a leading cause of house fires. Your safety is paramount and you should never allow that to happen. Check the breaker panel or fuse box to know the last inspection date. In most cases, municipalities will need an inspection during house renovation, after addition or after system modification.

It’s especially important that you understand the full scope of your house renovation. This is particularly important if you’re going to be borrowing a home loan for construction purposes from the bank. You will need to work with architects, builders and electrical contractors like Gordon Powers to ensure the project succeeds.

Some signs will tell you that your home requires electrical repairs.

1) Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are usually a result of many factors, such as damage of power lines, lightning strikes, bad electrical wiring system in your house and faulty appliances. Even though actual surges last for a microsecond, if they occur frequently, they are likely to damage the connected electrical appliances. It is therefore, important to contact an electrician to identify the source of the problem and do the necessary repairs.

2) The faulty light switches

Some switches will not adjust the light properly. Mostly, they are a result of substandard products or shoddy workmanship. If you moved to a new house recently and found that the switches do not activate the lights, it is a sign that some fixtures do not exist. It might also indicate that the outlet, wiring or circuit is faulty. You should contact an electrician immediately if that is the case.

3) Funny odours

New appliances might produce funny odours after pouring them up for the first few times. However, any odd smell that comes from an outlet might be an indication of an electrical problem. Turn off the connected appliances and do not use them until a qualified electrician checks it out. If the breaker panel or fuse box has weird odours, seek the assistance of an electrician immediately.


Sparking is never a good sign in your electrical system. If the fuse box, breaker panel or the outlet is sparking, you need to call an electrician as soon as possible. A sparking appliance may indicate that the fixture is damaged, and in such cases, the services of a repairman will come in handy. They will test the appliance in addition to the power source.

5) The circuit breaker trips frequently

Some high wattage products like the hairdryers and microwaves will trip the circuit breaker, especially if you using two or more appliances from the same source. The purpose of the circuit breaker is to protect your family and the home and therefore if it trips frequently you should know that something is wrong somewhere. Call in a professional to discuss the upgrading of the circuit and addition of the new line.

6) Electrical shocks

Electrical shocks are among the nasty experiences to expect in your home. They might be mild, but they should remind you that if ignored they can be dangerous. The shock might occur immediately you switch on a device or off. The problem might be to the appliance or the wiring. Plug another appliance to identify the main source of the issue. To avoid problems, you just need to speak to an electrician.

7) Dim or very bright lights

If you have realised that some of your lights are very bright or dim, then you have a problem. Do not use lights of different wattage because that will make some lights excessively bright. A bad neutral connection will cause problems for the entire home. Have a professional to fix it.

8) Buzzing sound

Perhaps, you already know how electricity sounds like. If things are functions properly, the electricity is flowing smoothly and quietly between the connections. Loose outlets, prongs or fraying wires can cause jumping of the current and produce buzzing sounds in the process. If you are certain that the sound originates from a power outlet, do not use it. It is a sign that they need to be repaired.

9)The recessed lights go out and come back on

Recessed lights, including downlights, feature safety devices that cut the power to a very hot light. If that happens, you should know that you are either using high wattage on the bulbs or the insulation is very close to your bulbs. You need to reach out to your electrician for the necessary repair work.

10) Your light bulbs burn more often

Lights that burn more often should tell you that the wattage is very high and the insulation is closer to the light. They should also tell you the wiring on your circuits and mains is bad. If they lights are dimmer, the switch has a high wattage. Flickering is usually a result of poor connection and it a sign that they need repair.

Regular inspections are important, if your risk assessment shows that. If you have been using your appliances in harsh condition, you should ensure that they are in the right shape. Gordon’s Powers technicians will inspect your appliances at any time or during a remodel to ensure that they are safe.

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