12 Interesting Facts

There is no doubt that electricians are one of the highest paid individuals out there. It is a highly lucrative occupation and perhaps this is the reason every person would love to become one. However, to become an established electrician takes a lot of dedication, commitment, years of training and apprenticeship.

As a qualified master electrician, you’ll be charged with the responsibility to install complex electrical power and systems, fire, alarm and security systems, telecommunication as well as electronic controls. As you become a level 2 electrician, you become qualified to undertake dangerous jobs that only certified level 2 electricians can carry out.

Whether you are an aspiring electrician or just a homeowner interesting to know more about electricians, you are definitely in the right place.

Here are 12 facts about electricians that you didn’t know about.

1) Electricians are highly versatile professionals with a wide range of skills.

Being an electrician is not just about dealing with wiring and electrical equipment. Electricians equally boast of a broad range of skills and proficiencies. If you didn’t know, these professionals are always equipped with a number of additional skills, including the handling of tools, logical & critical thinking, examining and interpreting blueprints, work collaboration, customer service, working with hands, with perfect hand-eye coordination and leadership skills. They need to be good at managing and coping with stress because they work on strenuous and dangerous situations.

2) More technical, complex and well-paying jobs will be made available to electrical experts.

It is anticipated that in the next few years, a lot of innovative electrical jobs will be made available. This occupation is essential to the construction of more modern properties, homes and electrical devices.

With the level of technological advancement projected to significantly increase, our dependence on electricity as well as electrical appliances will equally increase. This simply implies that there will be a need for highly competent and skilled electricians in the near future.

3) They are well-trained safety experts as well.

It is apparent that electricity is a potentially dangerous utility and it always needs to be handled with a lot of care. It is for this reason that electricians are also established safety professionals. There are a number of safety regulations in place that electricians must be well versed in.

Electricians always work in different types of environments which may be putting their life in potential danger. As a result, they must follow the appropriate building codes for installing all types of electrical components.

4) There are many specialisations.

Though electrician may seem like a general name, there are a lot of specialisations within the entire occupation. If you didn’t know, there are electricians who only specialise on maintenance of equipment while others are only well versed in electrical engineering. Electricians could also specialise in commercial, residential or even outdoor power lines.

5) Electricians are going green.

A significant number of homes, business premises and firms have begun to embrace green technologies. As the use of solar power continues to grow and develop both in practicality and scope, people are increasingly using solar arrays to provide energy. Electricians are at the forefront of inventing, installing, testing and maintaining these latest energy technologies.

6) Electricians don’t have to be physical.

Electrical work usually involves complex work and this implies you only need to engage more of mind than the physical power.

7) Electricians can enjoy job security.

The whole world is run on electrical energy. Regardless of where you go, as a qualified electrician, your services will always be in high demand.

8) Before you become a qualified electrician, you must pass the colour test.

To join the electrical profession, you must have proficiency in colour vision. Perhaps this is because the colour-coded system is the technique being used to tell the difference between the types of wiring. Without colour vision, an individual working in an electrical setting could make a fatal mistake.

9) Proper and appropriate clothing and tools are needed for electrical work.

It is also important that electricians put on the correct safety garments such as goggles, headgear, gloves, overall and among other things. Electricians also use and operate many tools such as power testing tools, knives, chop saws, wire blades and screwdrivers.

10) Master electricians train almost as long as trained doctors.

In a highly specialised electrical setting, there is always no room for errors. Master electricians have spent many years doing classroom work. What’s more, they have to spend a considerable amount of their training career gathering hands-on experience in the field.

11) Electricians are excellent problem-solvers.

A huge part of an electrician’s job involves examining, diagnosing, evaluating and solving electrical defects. It is worth to note that a lot of electrical issues are usually hidden and hard to diagnose and correct. Though there are lots of diagnostic tools, without the correct problem-solving skills, it may be hard to solve some of these problems could go undetected.

12) Electricians never stop learning

After going through apprenticeship, you’ll have to pass through the journeyman before you become a master electrician. After this long process, there are still development and improvement related courses.

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