Here in Sydney, faulty electrical wiring, in most cases, can skyrocket your electricity bills or damage small or expensive electrical appliances.

In the worst cases, it could catch fire and put your family’s lives at risk. All it takes to bring your hard-earned house down into ashes is a couple of shorted electrical wires. For this reason, it is very important to know about the common electrical problems and identify them promptly.

To give you a clear idea about faulty electrical wiring, electrical faults are classified into three categories, depending on its characteristics:

  • Open Circuit Fault – Occurs when wires break or tear, also resulting from the melting of an electrical component.
  • Short Circuit Fault – When a power supply is attached to a closed circuit with no load.
  • Earth Fault – Loose or damaged connection could turn your appliance live and could give an electric shock.

Being negligent in inspecting your household electrical wiring and switches could result in unfortunate problems, and here are five of the most common problems caused by faulty electrical wiring.

Flickering Lights

You might have noticed your lights suddenly flicker during windy weather. If you checked your light switches, there is a likelihood that a malfunctioning switch could be the problem. In most cases, something has to do with your electrical wiring, doing all those crazy morse codes non-stop.

When loose cables move, they disrupt the power connection and could result in arcing or sparking. While it is not considered a code violation, loose connections have a high risk in starting a fire.

Furthermore, weather caps and service heads could also experience wear and tear over a series of gusts or storms.

Thus it is wise to hire level 2 electricians from Gordon Powers to replace your service head and tend to your electrical lighting. We have experienced and certified electricians who can quickly and safely replace your service head and faulty switches as well as relocate them to better and safer areas, so you can get rid of the headache from strobing lights and wet switches.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are reliable safety electrical components. Basically, they “break” the circuit if it has shorted or has overloaded. However, if your circuit breaker frequently trips, even under minimum load, you have to check your wiring insulation for an exposed cable since it makes the circuit prone for short-circuiting.

In addition, using high-demand appliances and tools such as induction stoves and welding machines could result in overloading – and your circuit breakers can only do so much against this type of problem.


If you believe all it takes for your lightbulb to work is the socket “of the right size”, then you are gravely mistaken. Lightbulbs operate under specific wattages and sockets have different power tolerances, that means using a 70W lightbulb fitted in a 50W lightbulb socket could end up with a damaged component or worse, catch fire.

Your overloaded light bulbs could heat up and melt the plastic components in your socket and wiring – like butter! You are lucky if your circuit breaker trips, but you end up with a permanently damaged lighting fixture and will require immediate replacement as well as rewiring of the damaged lighting.

So the next time you try to do all electrical shopping yourself, take note of the bulb wattage that you need, making sure that all sockets, wires, and fittings also match the specific power requirement.

Nasty Electric Shocks

Improper electrical wiring and grounding can result in sudden electric shocks. Electricity can leak out of worn-out or old wires and faulty switches or appliances, energising the metal housing. If you have an appliance with a metal handle and is improperly grounded, touching the metal part will be a rather shocking experience, especially with a wet palm.

Flicking a faulty switch can also be traumatic if electric shock happens every time you touch it. That’s why keeping your electrical components checked, fixed, and replaced by certified electricians from Gordon Powers is most recommended. Our team of professionals specialise in safe switch replacement, installation, and repairs, and we take pride in completing the job without you leaving the room.

High Electricity Bill

You want to get away from the huge electricity bill, but even after making smart decisions in using your appliances, it only drops a few pennies. Have a look at your circuits and components to check if problems lie in the following key points:

  • Damaged circuits or wiring
  • Lack of power-surge protective devices
  • Plugged in idle appliances
  • Low-efficiency utilities or appliances

You can save a significant amount of money and at the same time ensure your family’s safety by regularly checking your electrical components or letting a level 2 electrical service provider examine all potential threats in your utility. That is why Gordon Powers is always ready at your disposal.


Fire is the worst-case scenario caused by mere neglection of your faulty wiring. If any of the above problems begin manifesting, immediate action must be done to preserve the quality of your electrical utility.

On another hand, if you want to step back from all the hazardous wire touching and switchboard testing, our highly skilled electricians will be glad to help. We know exactly where to look for faults and have the right tools to quickly fix the problem as well as replace damaged components with ease, so you can get back to your usual day without disruption.

If you are suspicious that an electrical fault is under your noses, have Gordon Powers investigate it immediately in order to make sure your property, as well as your family, remain safe and sound. Call us at (02) 9199 7480 for an appointment or send an enquiry at