People starting businesses at home create a competitive market in Sydney. Aside from the freedom of becoming yourself as the boss, it’s great to do tonnes of work within the comfort of your home.

But building a home office requires excellent attention to details and thorough planning.

Moreover, electrical setup is one of the essential factors as you’ll need electricity in operating every machine and equipment for your work. Also, an optimized home office electrical setup ensures a productive and efficient work throughout the day.

That said, here are the five simple tips for your home office electrical setup that will surely make your work faster and efficient:

Provide Extra Outlets

The typical home office uses computers, lamps, air-condition system, printers, fax machines and even additional monitors that require extra outlets for power sources. Also, outlets are safer to have rather than opting to use extension cords and power boards that carry potential hazards. 

Furthermore, don’t limit the idea of installing outlets on your walls. You can choose to fit sockets in your drawers, table-side and cabinetry to provide easy access to electricity in whatever part of your home office. 

But remember this tip for you: installing wires in your home office have similar requirements of an actual workplace when it comes to wiring installation and services. It ensures you’re following the standard for your safety from electrical mishaps.

Install More Safety Switches

Installing more safety switches in your switchboard protects the additional devices and machines in your home office from power surges. Also, the presence of more outlets with plugged-in devices can increase the current load. When there’s overcurrent, your safety switches shut off the system to avoid any danger for your home and office space.

Smart Lighting

After securing safe and accessible outlets for power source, lighting is the next step you need to focus. It’s the best opportunity to upgrade your lights with LED bulbs for brighter and well-lit home office. Also, using LED bulbs can reduce your energy usage on lighting up to 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, there’s still no other better option than natural lighting. You can place your desk near the windows to use natural light whenever possible. Angling the natural lights in the best manner helps prevent eye strain from too much exposure to monitors.

As a whole, smart lighting won’t only illuminate your home office but also provides a venue to reduce your energy bills in work.

Establishing Internet Connection

Regardless of what industry you’re in, having a fast internet connection is essential. With an internet connection, you can communicate with your clients faster, download attachments, transfer files and other things making your work productive. 

You can tap licensed electricians to incorporate ethernet or data cabling properly. The hardwired ethernet in your work office provides a faster connection than WiFi. But if you don’t want cables cluttering around, you can also use a network router for faster internet connection for your work. 

Set Suitable Temperature

Setting up a suitable temperature can make you work comfortably, thus boosting your efficiency. It’s helpful to get your home office a separate heating system most probably when winter strikes. During summer, you can keep the thermostat cooler at 18-20 degree Celsius that’s not too cold to attain not only comfort but sustainability as well.


Working at home can make you comfortable and in effect, boost efficiency and productivity. But the boundary between work and family is a distraction you need to work. Moreover, an optimal working environment is possible when you prepare everything for your home office electrical setup. 

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