Convenient USB stations around the house!

As technology continues to advance with each passing day, the number of smart electric devices also increases. Every Australian household has appliances and gadgets that use USB cords. Digital cameras, game consoles, fitness trackers, mobile phones among others, can be charged using USB powerpoints.

USB powerpoints have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to the benefits they offer. The chances are high that you may have asked your local licensed electrician to install USB sockets in your home to help solve the problem of overloading.

What is a USB?

USB is an acronym of Universal Serial Bus which is the industry standard which defines the cables and other connectors used by many electronic devices and gadgets.

Due to their effectiveness and versatility, these modern cables have replaced the outdated power chargers which were even incompatible with one another. If you didn’t know, all USB cables are always compatible with one another. Even the newest models of the standard USB are compatible with the old ones.

There are many types of USB powerpoints which offer a broad range of different combinations of power sockets and USB sockets. You can always find the best combination that suits your needs and preferences.

One of the most popular types of powerpoints is the type that offers a dual socket, enabling you to charge two USB devices while also having two gadgets plugged in the standard sockets. You can also opt for powerpoints that feature up to six USB outlets. The options are potentially endless.

So what are some of the benefits of USB powerpoints?

1) Increased charging stations

Most homes are filled with many mobile devices that use USB chargers. So other than having these gadgets concentrated in a single charging station, install multiple USB-enabled powerpoint switches in special locations within the house where you often charge your devices such as the living room, kitchen, hallways as well as your bedroom.

You should always consult your local electrician to help you design an efficient electrical plan. For instance, you should consider installing multiple USB powerpoints. If properly installed in your house’s key areas, they can serve as convenient charging stations.

2) They offer versatility

With USB powerpoints at your disposal, you can virtually charge any electric appliance that supports a standard USB connection. From smartphones, tablets to gaming consoles, digital cameras, fitness bands, video cameras. This implies that you won’t need to keep those many bulky and outdated chargers in your house anymore!

3) Increased safety

This is arguably the most important benefit that USB powerpoints can offer. We all know that overloading your outlets and switches can be a huge fire risk. Outlets can easily be overwhelmed by those extra adapters and chargers, a phenomenon that can easily result in fire incidences.

However, USB-enabled power sockets can be installed in many areas within your room thus reducing the need to overload your outlets. What’s more, USB powerpoints are relatively more efficient at charging devices and this reduces the need to use multiple adapters which in turn, significantly limits the risks of an overload.

4) Relatively more durable

How many times have you misplaced or damaged your chargers? The answer is quite obvious. Furthermore, the chargers for smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets are usually prone to damage.

When you have USB powerpoints installed in key areas of your home, you’ll have the much-needed peace of mind knowing that you’ll no longer depend on fragile chargers since you can just plug directly into your outlet.

5) More energy efficient

Did you know that USB socket charges usually charge devices faster? This is because it provides more current than its standard wall or auto charger counterpart. Wall chargers offer a somewhat higher voltage, which implies that you can charge your mobile devices in a short period. What’s more, USB powerpoints use zero standby power which enhances their efficiency even further.

6) They help reduce your carbon footprint

Those outdated chargers are not only a threat to your wellbeing but to the environment as well. If everybody would stop using them then we could significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that come with their production. Install USB powerpoints today and help make the world a better place!

It is imperative to note that the installation of USB sockets is not a DIY project. Keep in mind that Australian homeowners are not only required to hire a licensed, bonded and qualified tradesman but also to use electrical products which meet the latest Australian standards. This means that the powerpoint you select has to be designed and approved to meet all the safety standards and regulations.