Chandeliers are century-old lighting decors but never goes out of style. From the traditional crystal designs to the modern and industrial motif, chandeliers never fail to give another level of class and elegance in lighting your home.

Many Sydneysiders still look forward to installing the lighting decor to cope with the trending fashion of beautifying homes.

However, installing unique decor comes with heavy tasks aside from the expense of buying one. Thorough planning and great attention to details are what make the chandelier serves its purpose of beauty and lighting.

Also, there are things you need to consider to ensure that chandeliers are far from mishaps while illuminating your home with a picturesque view. That said, here are the six traits to avoid when installing a chandelier:

1. No Lighting Plan

Most of the homeowners think that chandeliers illuminate anything randomly. However, this is not always the case. There should be a considerable plan on what part you should put chandeliers to highlight a specific area of the room. 

Also, don’t overwhelm your rooms with too many chandeliers in a single spot as it might get distracting and mess up the design you aspire. The concrete plan in lighting will do the trick to achieve an elegant, classy and well-lit room.

2. Unfitted to Styles and Budget

If you select the type and motif of your chandelier, it must match with the overall decor and theme of your room before installing one. Matching everything includes sorting the colour, size, material and whether it has clear or frosted globes as lights.

Overall, styles should always come along with your budget, assuring that you achieve the lighting and aesthetics you want at the right price.

3. Odd Proportionality to Sizes and Lighting

It’s necessary to consider the proportionate size of the chandelier to your room and ceiling. The higher ceiling and larger room require bigger chandelier and the same principle apply to its counterpart. Some homeowners forgot this simple idea, and it’s a terrible afterthought in lighting.

Moreover, ensure that the chandelier is the only source of light when installed at the centre. But you can also add small light fixtures if there are some dark spots left in the room. After all, you are not creating a light show; thus, you only need one or two chandeliers and supporting fixtures to illuminate a room.

4. DIY Chandelier Installation

Considering a do-it-yourself chandelier installation is risky. Installation of chandeliers is a tricky task and needs careful handling as the bulbs are fragile. Also, it requires an electrical connection, and any wrong move in the wirings can inflict electric shock or electrocution.

Moreover, consider the current load it needs, or else house fire can trigger from short circuit. You need a professional to handle these kinds of stuff and refrain from doing it on your own. The bottom line here is installation comes with a responsibility to seek professional workers ensuring none of the electrical mishaps can happen while enjoying the beauty of your chandeliers.

5. Uninspected Ceiling 

Aside from the significance of proper wiring installation, never forget to have an inspection of your ceilings. Whether your chandelier is big or small, see to it that it can support the weight of the lighting decor. It’s an additional precaution to houses that are decades old, and to ensure it won’t fall anytime and cause accidents to anyone.

6. Not Hiring Level 2 Electricians

Knowing the idea that you need professionals, level 2 electricians should be on your list. The law requires level two electricians to handle all the electrical works in your home, and that includes chandelier installation. They have the license and training to complete the task than regular electricians.

Also, level 2 electricians are exceptional in resolving the things you need to avoid during the installation process. They can give expertly advise from the sizes of your chandelier to the inspection of the ceiling and all electrical works at hand.


Chandeliers are the centrepiece of any rooms in your home. It both functions to illuminate and offer great styles and ambience. But installing one needs to have a lighting plan, fits your overall decor and budgets, and safe connection to the wiring system. 

Moreover, chandelier installation comes with the responsibility of seeking level 2 electricians as professionals that can help you prevent any future electrical mishaps. Aside from sorting out suitable sizes, they can give tips in avoiding problems throughout the installation process. 

Gordon Powers is the best team to seek when it comes to the skilful level 2 electricians. Our team offer chandelier fitting making sure you have the best size of light decor in the right spot of your home. We also ensure standard wiring set-up for your chandeliers and provide light bulb changing and decor removal when you need it.

Call us at (02) 9199 7480, and we’ll ensure the glamour of lightings in your home.