Save electricity bill and keep cool this summer!

You probably know of the potential health issues that extreme heat can cause on your body. Unfavourable temperatures can mess your health in several ways and this does not just include the threat of excess sweating or sunburns. During the summer, your sleep and workout routine are equally affected in one way or another. This is why you want to remain cool at all times. Unfortunately, keeping yourself cool and comfortable during this period of sweltering heat comes at a huge price.

It has been proven that cooling your home accounts for nearly half of your total energy bills during the summer. Over the course of a summer month, your energy bills can potentially increase by a whopping $400. So how do you ensure your energy costs remain as low as possible while keeping cool during the summer?

Here are 7 hot tips on saving energy and keeping cool this summer.

1) Invest in efficient Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The air conditioner always takes centre stage when it comes to keeping your energy costs in check. If you are using an outdated heating and cooling unit, it is about time you replace it with a new one. New technologies and improvements are intended to put a smile on your face regarding your monthly energy bills.

The latest air conditioning units are highly energy efficient; you can rely on them to keep you cool while keeping your energy costs as low as possible. You can always consult your local electrician regarding the best cooling options that suit your needs and preference.

Even if you have an old HVAC unit, you can still enhance its efficiency through regular tune-ups. You are highly encouraged to schedule system maintenance and inspection at least once yearly, preferably in early spring. During a tune-up, your cooling unit will be cleaned and maintained appropriately by a qualified technician. This will not only result in the prevention of sudden and unwanted breakdowns but optimised energy efficiency as well.

Additionally, you can also consider renting a portable air conditioner. This is especially useful for Sydney homes without ducted or split system air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are especially useful for apartment buildings that do not have in-built air conditioning.

2) Feel the magic of pedestal and ceiling fans

Did you know that you can use ceiling fans to keep yourself cool and comfortable during the summer? When a ceiling fan rotates counter-clockwise, it creates a downdraft which creates a cooling effect in the space below. The faster your fan spins, the greater the cooling effect. However, it is critical to mention that fans don’t essentially cool the air. Instead, they only work by creating a cooling effect on people themselves! This implies that you should never leave your fans to run in empty rooms because you would be wasting energy for no reason.

3) Install LED light bulbs

You have probably read about all the hype surrounding LED lighting bulbs’ benefits. These unique devices are not only energy efficient, but equally produce less amount of heat when in operation. They consume a fraction of the energy used by their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts while emitting less heat.

4) Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat comes with several benefits. If you are a tech-savvy individual, install a thermostat that can be programmed and regulated from either a smartphone or web browser. The smaller the difference between your outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower your monthly cooling energy bills will be.

The current thermostats can be regulated from a smartphone, and this may make it relatively easier for you to set your indoor temperatures accordingly. If you make good use of a programmable thermostat, you can save hundreds of dollars annually in energy bills.

5) Keep the sun out of your home

Sunlight that enters your home via the windows and other open spaces will ultimately heat up your house thus making your air conditioner use a lot of energy to keep you cool. During the hottest parts of the day, always ensure that your windows are closed. The aim is to keep cool air in and keep the warm air out.

This implies that your attic insulation should be in perfect condition. All sources of unwanted air leaks should also be examined. You can consider hiring energy inspection experts to help pinpoint the thermal weak points of your structure.

6) Be smart

Some electrical appliances such as dryers, are known to produce lots of heat when in operation. To prevent your HVAC unit from overworking, use some heat-producing devices at night. You can also consider outdoor cooking using your microwave. Always ensure your air conditioner is using less energy as possible.

7) Change your air conditioner’s filters more frequently

Anything that makes your central air conditioner to strain and use more energy must be avoided at all cost and dirty filters are one of them. Clean air filters not only keeps energy bills relatively lower, but enhance indoor air quality as well.

Reducing your energy bills and keeping cool this summer isn’t that hard. Follow these guidelines and prepare for the scorching Australian heat this summer.