A kitchen is one of the most crucial parts in a home. This is where you prepare all your dishes and it is home to many appliances and equipment that are necessary for your home.

As such, since your kitchen houses in many electrical equipment and devices, there are certain standards you need to follow in its electrical wiring system. There are facts you need to know to design or plan a successful and efficient kitchen rewiring. 

These things will help you for when you want to plan a renovation for your home. These are 8 essential facts about kitchen rewiring jobs in your home.

Kitchens generally have the most circuits inside a residence

Kitchens can have as much as 8 circuits functioning. Kitchens have different kinds of appliances that need different electrical requirements. Inside your kitchen, you’ll have your fridge, water heaters, water dispensers, ovens and stove. If most of your appliances require electricity to work, you’ll need to invest in a good rewiring or electrical installations to make sure that the power properly caters to the needs of your equipment inside.

Some appliances need AFCI protection

An AFCI, also known as Arc-Fault Circuit interrupter, is generally present in your kitchen with your refrigerator. Rewiring jobs in your kitchen will also include installations of AFCIs to avoid future possible fires caused by arc surges from the fridge. Most of the time, local regulations require these safety additions to properties to add protection.

Other appliances require GFCI protection

Other appliances, however, need GFCI or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter. If you plan to require your kitchen, this is essential in preventing the possible occurrence of electric shocks. A kitchen is very prone to these kinds of incidents because of the activities you do inside. A GFCI adds extra protection to your kitchen and is an extra requirement by local councils.

Avoid having changes in the middle of the kitchen rewiring

One of the most meticulous planning during house rewiring occurs in the kitchen since it generally contains many circuits and requires added protection in your home. To make your rewirings successful, avoid any changes in the middle of the rewiring job. This increases cost and at the same time, can set back the job for some time.

Water source locations spike danger in the kitchen

Kitchens have the most liquids going around. You need water in the sink. You store water in the fridge. As such, keep your kitchen as liquid-free as possible during rewiring. Unless you want accidents to happen, make your kitchen as dry as possible during rewiring. 

It is necessary to turn off appliance before unplugging

Your wall plugs for appliances are recipients for danger all the time. Sparks can result from unplugging appliances that aren’t completely turned off yet. Turn off your appliance before unplugging. To avoid constant repairs and extra cost for your kitchen electrical systems, 

Constant circuit breaker tripping indicate danger

If your circuit breaker constantly trips, it’s either your appliance is defective and consumes irregular energy or there is something wrong with the electrical wiring in your kitchen. This can turn dangerous to anyone who is in the kitchen. If this happens, it’s best to contact your local electricians. 

Imposing more safety measures increase protection from kitchen danger

It’s standard to add more safety precautions to your home. However, some parts require more protection than others. Imposing safety measures as simple as keeping your hands dry as much as possible, or having regular rewiring checks can save you from future disaster. Home protection starts with construction and maintenance. Even daily double checks in the kitchen conditions can give an overview of what it needs, may it be rewriting or repair. Do it!


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