Countless erected power poles support the web-like networks of electric cables from the heart of Sydney to the suburb areas. These massive poles reflect how the city has become progressive, providing power from the largest buildings to the farthest towns.

However, poor installation and natural elements can cause power poles to lose integrity and overall safety over time. Power poles situated near neighbourhoods pose greater risks of electrical emergencies when poorly installed. In a two-year interval, there are over a thousand of Australians sustained electrical injuries. 

Statistically, electrical injuries can increase due to poor power pole installation. Aside from that, poor installation reduces the expected lifespan of the power poles. From this, it requires extra money to provide repairs and replacements of these huge poles.

There are various accidents that a single poorly installed power pole can cause within the neighbourhood. From creating mild to severe accidents, here are the common problems with poor power pole installation.

Leaning and Fallen Poles

Leaning power poles are the most visible results of poor installation. Aside from the impact of strong winds or car crash, timber woods would bend or fall due to the rotting of its parts. This is mainly because of the improper treatment of hardwood against fungi and insects.

Aside from timber woods, a substandard steel pole would lean due to the corrosion and rusting at the base or erecting it above the soft foundation. Disregarding the requirements of standard power pole installation can cause a severe threat to anyone. While walking on the streets, expect these rusting poles can collapse anytime.

Not only this, but some poles also have large cracks causing it too lean. The poles might split or crack if the required strength and durability for any poles are not met. 

Slack Wires

When the power pole is poorly installed, wires can hang too low, causing a severe safety risk. This becomes a very dangerous scenario when the wires hang near buildings or metal roofs ‒ leading to a ground fault or short circuit fault. This highlights the importance of getting your roof cleaned regularly, especially if its situated near large amounts of trees or electrical wiring.

A slight contact with hanging molten or frayed wires can cause electric shock or electrocution. Also, wires hanging too low can reach nearby vegetation and set the foliage on fire.

Clashing Powerline

The poor installation of power poles allows the clashing of different power lines. When these power lines clash in high winds, it can spark and produce molten fragments.

The molten fragments from these clashing powerlines can drop at the nearby vegetation and start a bushfire. It is one of the reasons why trimming or pruning trees are essential near the power lines.

Improper Grounding

An imperfect installation process can result in an improper grounding. Some poles can be grounded using a copper-clad steel wire that’s connected to a metal rod driven into the ground. Poor installation can affect grounding, without ensuring that the excess electricity travels to the land.

Furthermore, poles support the wires and cables that carry high voltage of electricity. When poor installation happens, anyone can get electrocuted with this high amount of power due to improper grounding. 

Loose Pole Fittings

The poor installation of power poles can result in damaged and loose pole fittings. Pole fittings and attachments that are loose, frayed or deteriorating are serious safety and bushfire risk. Also, some equipment or parts at the top of the pole can disintegrate and fall due to loose fittings, resulting in serious injury.

Deteriorating Crossarms

Crossarms are engineered pieces of wood or other composite materials. It is mounted on the pole to hold up the power lines and other electrical equipment. With poor installation method and standard, crossarms can get damaged or loosens up quickly.

When crossarms and other electrical fixtures are loose, equipment and the power lines are at risk of shorting or falling. Falling material can severely inflict injuries or start a fire, aside from electrocuting anyone in contact with it.


The poor start of any projects can lead to substandard and terrible results. Same with the poor installation of power poles, numerous problems would arise from the frayed wires to the collapse of the whole pole. Any of the common problems with poor power pole installation are bound to have the same negative effects: damage to property, risks of injury, bush fires and even death.

Although some problems with poor pole installation are common, its effects are extremely unpleasant. As common as it is, these problems develop from small issues causing big troubles. 

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