Fashion trends don’t only apply in singular physical appearance, but also in creating a picturesque scenery of your homes.

Attaining such perfect home interiors in Sydney includes the installation of chandeliers as the centrepiece of any rooms. Besides, chandeliers add a new level of aesthetics and lustre to your home that simple lighting can’t provide.

Aside from the huge prices, installing decorative lighting can also be daunting. Installing it requires extensive care to avoid damage, and needs proper wiring connection to your main switch. But the main question still lies on who should install your chandeliers?

As stated by the law, the only allowed to handle live wirings and electrical connections are level 2 electricians. With that, they should do the chandelier installations in your home and not the regular electricians. They also have the training and experiences in completing the task skillfully while following the standard requirements.

Areas to Install Chandelier

But before calling the level 2 electricians to install your chandeliers, it’s better to know first where you should put those in your home. Here are the spots in your home to fit the decor:

  • Above the entryway– It’s the first thing your guests can see when they enter your home. The chandelier creates a warm and pleasing environment that illuminate your good taste and styles. But always consider the space and height of the ceiling in your entry halls.
  • In the dining room– It’s the most common area to install chandeliers, usually over the dining table. It creates bright illumination to enjoy your fine dining. On the lighter note, install chandeliers that are not wider than the table.
  • In the living room– Most of the biggest chandeliers show off in the room where the family and guests gather. It adds a special touch of luxury in the space, and it works well even in minimalists decor stylings.
  • In the kitchen– Smaller chandeliers best suite the kitchen to illuminate the area while preparing food. It’s usually over the breakfast island or at the centre of the room for a warm and classy space.
  • In the bedroom– It will surely create a peace of mind from the beauty and ambience it gives to your bedroom before sleeping. The chandelier is typically installed at the centre of the ceiling or anywhere you want it.
  • In the bathroom– Adding a touch of impeccable lighting can reach over the bath. You can use smaller chandeliers and consider the space of your bathroom when installing one.

Hiring Level 2 Electricians

When you have chosen the styles and what location you want to put your chandeliers, it’s the best time to hire level 2 electricians. Aside from the fact that the law requires it, here are the numerous reasons why level 2 electricians should do the task of chandelier installation:

Has license and training

Part of the training and countless experiences of level 2 electricians are the repair and inspection of the power poles to the installation of light fixtures and chandeliers in your home. Nonetheless, these numerous tasks are possible due to the license they have as permitted by the law.

Moreover, installing a chandelier is a tricky task; thus, it requires experience in doing so. Level 2 electricians are experienced enough to handle installation of chandeliers in the residential, commercial and industrial areas. 

Choose the right size and shape

Aside from choosing the styles of your chandelier, the sizes and shapes are critical factors to consider before installing one. Level 2 electricians help you determine the chandelier sizes that your electricity can sustain to avoid electrical hazards.

Also, they can ensure what shapes fit in with the correct chain influencing how high your chandelier hangs. Never disregard the right size and shape of the chandelier as it might overwhelm and disrupt the overall design you wanted.

Careful installation

Level 2 electricians can handle large and intricate chandeliers while checking if your wiring system can support it. Also, they can securely set up the brackets, ensuring the parts of the lights won’t loosen and fall, causing injuries. 

Furthermore, level 2 electricians inspect if the ceiling is strong enough to accommodate the weight of the chandelier. The careful and thorough installation make sure that you are safe from electrical mishaps. At the same time, you enjoy the aesthetics that chandeliers bring to your home.


Chandeliers illuminate your home into another level of ambience and beauty. However, the installation of these unique decors requires thorough planning from the styles, designs, sizes and shapes to the electrical set-up. When it comes in handling electrical set-up, the level 2 electricians are required to install chandeliers in your home.

Moreover, level 2 electricians are licensed and trained to complete chandelier installations in your home. By law, they are required to handle electrical installations, adapting the rules and regulations on wiring and installation services. Level 2 electrician can also give their expertly advise and tips before installing your chandeliers.

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