With a private pole standing in your premise, you can readily access electricity to power your home. Same as preserving your equipment and properties, maintenance is vital for private power poles to keep it in good state and condition.

Installing a power pole in your property excludes it from the responsibilities of your energy distributor. Beyond the connection point from the distributor, there is a clear line that gives you the legal obligation and maintenance to your power pole. 

Not only that, but your legal obligations are at great pressure when your power pole cause injuries to people or trigger either a house or bush fire. And maintaining it through regular inspection can reduce the negative impacts of damaged power poles.

Given that maintenance is essential to keep things in proper condition, here are the ideas on why private poles need maintenance services:

Legal Requirement

Electricity customers are always responsible for their private electric lines and poles. You are liable in cases when your power line would cause injury and property damage. This is the reason why a level 2 licensed electrician must inspect and maintain your private poles and lines.

Moreover, all the maintenance and repairs need to follow the current AS 3000 Wiring Rules. Surely, you don’t want to burden yourself with liabilities from electric pole accidents. And you can prevent unwanted emergencies by regularly inspecting your power pole.

Inspection and Maintenance

Never attempt any electrical repair, climbing of pole, and cutting off any vegetation near your power line as these are very dangerous. You need authorized electricians and tree trimming contractor to do it. But you can do some visual inspections without handling live wires or exposing your self to great danger.

It is recommended you look for any possible risks in your power pole, such as:

  • Excessively leaning poles
  • Damaged or low hanging wire
  • Evidence of corrosion below the pole
  • Large cracks or termites manifestation in wood poles

Energy distributors recommend you to do regular inspections before bushfire season, after storms and when you find defects or damages to your private poles and power lines.

Furthermore, inspecting your power pole is necessary after severe weather events. Aside from the general inspection of your pole and power lines, ensure that trees won’t touch or fall on the power lines due to strong winds.

Clearance Space

No one can stop you from the enjoyment of planting shrubs and trees in your surrounding. However, large trees have a high risk of falling and cutting your power lines. It is essential only to choose vegetation with suitable foliages.

The clearance space is the space of clear vegetation between foliage and electric lines, and very necessary. Keeping your plants at least two metres away from the power lines is required. It helps avoid the possibility of accidents and injuries when electrical-related issues arise.

Moreover, there is always a chance of bushfire risk when there is an outgrowth of foliage near your power lines. Consider the following guides:

  • You can plant trees within seven metres from the power pole, given that it only grows at a mature height of three metres or less.
  • Planting vegetation and trees can be done outside your private pole’s seven-metre zone. Ensure that it won’t fall to the power poles or lines when it gets old or during storms.
  • If ever you’re in doubt, don’t plant trees near to your power poles or power lines.

In general, it is safer if there are no trees near your power lines. But there are instances that trees are already growing for years or decades in your place and you need some trimming to do. Remember that you might need a planning permit from your local council before clearing or pruning your trees.

There are various reputable tree removal companies that you can choose from to properly remove, clear or prune obstructing trees. We recommend reading their customer reviews and calling them to discuss your specific needs before proceeding with tree removal.

Avoid Disconnection

The ultimate goal of private pole maintenance services is to ensure that your power pole is working correctly and safely. However, when defects are present in your power pole, it might cause you some bad news.

The defects won’t only destructively burn your property and cause injuries, but also it can start a bush fire. As alarming as it is, energy distributor has the right to disconnect your power source. Thus, proper maintenance ensures reliable and safe power supply that will help you avoid disconnection.


The benefits of having a private pole are coupled with heavy liabilities and responsibilities. Also, neglecting its maintenance and inspection could only endanger the lives of people around it. Binding yourself to follow regular maintenance and inspection can help you ensure reliable power supply and reduced possibility of electrocution and fire.

Gordon Powers is the only partner you’ll need in providing private poles maintenance service. We will inspect and fix any electrical issues concerning your private poles. Our licensed level 2 electricians can efficiently conduct regular maintenance to make sure your family are safe from any electric-related hazards and accidents.

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