Are you sick of the slow internet connection in your home? Does the internet connection fail where you need it the most? Do you want your connection to be accessible everywhere in your property?

Having fast internet connection is one of the most common necessities nowadays. Even so now that everybody is advised to stay at home due to the ongoing pandemic. Your internet is your best friend! You’ll want this best friend to be very effective all the time.

According to The New Daily, Australia’s Wifi is “embarrassingly slow” as it placed the fourth nation with the slowest internet. Certain devices are necessary to make for a better internet connection. Some of the most common devices are wifi extenders and wifi repeaters. The job of these devices is to make your internet connection better.

On top of having these devices, you need a reliable electrician to set up these devices. You still need relevant electrical work to make sure your internet improves. Gordon Powers is available for that. We have licensed electricians that offer services for internet connection concerns.

Wifi Extenders

Wifi extenders are electrical devices that do as its name suggests. It extends the wifi connection to other areas in your home. There are many available models in the market. There are varying brands that provide wifi extenders depending on your need. These devices connect to the network through wire connections. Ethernet cables and ports in some of the electronic devices work with wifi extenders. 

The wired connection is a guarantee. Wherever you place the device, there is internet available in the area. The device is physically connected to the source (via cables). This immediately extends the coverage within the area the wifi extender is in. Unless the cables, device, or internet service provider is defective, there’s no reason a Wifi extender won’t work.

Wifi repeaters

Wifi extenders are widely and interchangeably used with wifi repeaters. Although the difference is, wifi repeaters tend to be wireless in nature. In contrast to wifi extenders, the wireless connection of wifi repeaters give it a slight disadvantage. Wifi repeaters are more portable and accessible. With regards to any improvement to the wifi itself, there’s no guarantee it will be good.

Wifi repeaters rely heavily on the wireless connection. The connection inside your home is prone to disruption and worsen with many things. The wireless connection makes the wifi repeater susceptible to many interferences at home. You have a thick wall surrounding some rooms? A wifi repeater tends to have poorer performance. 

Call the electrical experts in the neighbourhood

Internet connections are still electrical work. expert advice is relevant and necessary to make improvement with your internet connections. Wifi extenders work better especially with proper installation and cables at home. If there are pertinent issues with your internet still, call in the electricians. They can solve the problem for you. Gordon Powers has the knowledge and experience to give your internet connection the boost that it needs.


Stable and good internet is a need nowadays. We understand that and as such, we are open to you/ we offer our quality work to you or anybody across Sydney. You can count on us to make things faster for you, internet-wise!

We have been around for a long time, making many people happy with the services we provide. We are a team dedicated to help you with your electrical concerns. Here at Gordon Powers, we exist to give you the accredited service you need. We offer our electrical services to you at fast and affordable service. Our phone line and internet services is specifically tailored to your internet connection concerns. If your internet is slowing down for no reason, have us check it out!

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