Setting up a home theater might just be the perfect choice for you in your comfort zones. It’s not only a place that showcases all the entertainment you want.

It’s definitely a good place to hang out in and create more bonding moments with your family. However, to make your home theater a bit better and more efficient, you need to plan it out smarter. There are ways and tips to make sure that your home theater setup is in the best condition possible.

Before you plan out your home theater, plan out your devices and equipment first. The installations of in that area will definitely influence the way you want to set up your home theater place. These are some tips for you in setting up your home theater:

Position the projector well

The screen projector is one of the most basic equipment to set up in your home theater. Just make sure to place it well inside the space.  A simple movement of the device can change the projected quality on the projector or the ideal place of the screen in the backdrop. Place projectors in the most stable position possible. As such, plan out plugs and outlets that are close to the projector to avoid any unnecessary movement of the device and displacement of wire. 

Position the sound system well

A good sound system makes all the difference in home theaters. Plan out the electrical wiring layouts of that sound system. It’s also important that you note the size of the wire and speaker cable gauge. The standard that most people install the range from 12, 14 or 16 gauge wire to transmit from amplifiers to loudspeakers. The smaller the gauge number, the larger the wire will be. Choose the best gauge depending on where you will trace and place the wiring.

Plan the wiring system properly

Since many wires are laid out across the home theater, lay them out well. Plan first where you will place your home theater equipment and then trace the wires accordingly. It is also best that you place the wires in places that have less foot traffic or movement to make sure it stays in place. Label your wires well to avoid mix up. Since there are plenty of wires to deal with, the best practice is to place your equipment well and measure the exact length of wire you need.

Use optimal wire length

Wire length still affects the quality of the sound coming out of the sound system. Use not more than 15 meters of wire for your home theater settings. Wires can still pick up different kinds of interference from the home theater setting. Since it’s a place with large equipment that take in different amounts of power, the sound transmission will largely differ the longer the wire is. Measure the exact length of wire needed and cut out that length for use.

Protect the cables

The electrical wiring in the home theater needs protection. Designing the wiring layout to minimise movement can help in keeping it far from damage, however, you can still add another layer of protection. Your chosen wires might be thicker and it might also be longer than you expect. If you have extra budget, add wire cover ramps to wiring that are on the floor. You can also add wire coils or coatings to make sure your cable wires have thick heat insulators.


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