Almost all things require electricity to work. But do you ever wonder if the power you are getting is sufficient and in good quality? When you are uncertain, it is the best decision to ask for electricians to conduct electrical assessment and evaluation.

Power suppliers are the ones responsible for distributing power in residential and commercial buildings. They install electric poles, use transformers, and build electric meter boxes to cater to your electricity needs. However, it is a different question when the connection enters your property. It is now up to you to maintain and protect your wires from electrical hazards

The power quality of your circuits depends on your usage. The “As long as it works, it’s fine” mentality is a poor attitude since electrical accidents usually happen unnoticed. So, it is essential to call for licensed level 2 electricians to conduct inspection and repairs when necessary. This way, you can secure and protect your loved ones from unforeseen dangers such as shocks and fires. 

Here are some ways on how electricians measure power quality in houses and buildings:

Switchboard Checkup

A switchboard or fuse box holds the property’s electrical connection. It is where circuit breakers, fuses, cable wires, grounding switches, and other electrical tools are located. You can even say that it is like a heart that runs and operates the buildings’ power needs. 

Since a switchboard is a vital object in your electrical system, electricians need to check its quality to know if it operates completely and safely. Specifically, electricians conduct these switchboard checkups:

  • Compute electric load capacity
  • Check the circuits’ power demands
  • Analyse wiring system
  • Ensure the organisation of devices and wires
  • Inspect the possible dangers and risks of each component
  • Install circuit breakers and other safety devices when necessary

Electrical Fault Finding 

In general, an electrical circuit has a power source, cable wires, and devices attached to it. And since most of them are not visible, you can only look for some signs of a damaged electrical system. Listed below are some indications to look for:

  • Loose, frayed, and cracked wires
  • Dimming of lights when you plug in an appliance
  • Buzzing sounds from outlets or switches
  • Scorch marks in powerpoints

After seeing these signs, the wisest choice is to call for emergency electricians since as per South Australia’s Electricity Act 1996, you are not allowed to work with a live wire. Also, detecting the exact fault is a lot harder than you imagine. 

So it is best to leave them for the accurate and precise electrical fault-finding services of electricians who are the experts in electrical problems. They have trained and studied for years. And they have the right tools and equipment for locating and repairing any circuit issues.   

Electrical Inspection

Electricians suggest having at least general electrical inspection once a year. Through time, your connection is prone to damage without you even knowing. A comprehensive and in-depth examination will help you prevent accidents and protect your family and the community from harm.

Here are some of the electrical inspection services that electricians conduct to measure the power quality of your property: 

  • Testing of installed safety and security devices circuit breakers, fuses, switches,  alarms 
  • Checking the quality of wiring materials
  • Identifying the appliances and devices that could harm the circuits
  • Assessing indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Checking if your connection follows the Australian Electrical Standards
  • Verifying grounding requirements
  • Identifying possible electrical dangers
  • Confirming the proper installation of other electric sources such as solar power
  • Ensuring proper wiring to utility poles


As you always rely on electricity to finish everyday routines and tasks, it is essential to ensure that the power quality is at the top condition. But it is not just about having working appliances. You need expert advice to maintain and protect your connection. That’s where electricians come into play. 

Electricians measure power quality through switchboard checkup, fault finding, and electrical inspection. And when one of them is a risk to your property and the community, electricians can immediately repair without hesitation. 

So if you need the best and cheapest electrical services in Sydney, you can always depend on Gordon Powers. Our licensed level 2 electricians measure power quality with excellent and top-tier knowledge. Also, we have the proper equipment and tools no matter how big or small the job is.

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