When electricians conduct electrical works to a property, they must submit an electrical safety certificate to comply with the standard rules and regulations of Sydney.

Any kind of electrical work must meet a certain standard to ensure safety and avoid potential hazards. That’s why Sydney electricians need to submit electrical safety certificates as per the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2018.  

What is an Electrical Safety Certificate?

An Electrical Safety Certificate is more known in Sydney as a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW). It is a legal document that certifies if the electrical installation or any electrical work has complied with the council requirements and wiring regulations

Furthermore, it provides the following purpose:

  • Enables self-certification of electrical work
  • Guarantees customers that the service is following the Australian electrical standard
  • Protects the electrician by confining the responsibilities of the tasks they finished
  • Allows qualified authorities to inspect the safety and technical standards of installation

CCEW is a must. So, if you’re a licensed electrician, or you own an electrical service company, Gordon Powers have prepared a guide on how to get your electrical safety certificate here in Sydney. 

Download the Form

Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work is available for download in the NSW Fair Trading website (download the form here). 

Fill out the form accurately and apply a unique serial number using your licence number, followed by a sequential number. If your licence number is 222222A, your first CCEW’s serial number must be 2222222A001 then the second one is 222222A002, and so on. 

Moreover, ensure that the certificate has the following details:

  • Name of the electrician or electrical company
  • Electrician’s licence number
  • Complete details of the work
  • Name and address of the client
  • Equipment and devices utilised 
  • Electrical tests and inspection details

Electricians must accomplish the form seven days after completing safety and compliance test on electrical installation. Moreover, they should submit copies to:

When to Get an Electrical Safety Certificate?

As an electrician, it is your responsibility to submit and provide CCEW copies to customers, and the proper authorities when you conduct the following job:

  • Any form of electrical work 
  • New electrical installation — circuits, outlets, cables, switches
  • Alterations or additions to an existing electrical installation that will require additional work concerning the network connection
  • Switchboard and its related equipment modifications
  • Electric meter installation, adjustment, or replacement
  • Electrical installation activities utilising stand-alone power system 

Failure to Comply will Result in Penalties

Authorities have strict implementation regarding CCEWs. As an electrician, you must follow the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules for safe and hassle-free wiring services. Failure to provide a copy to the customer, distributor, or network provider can cost $1000. On the other hand, failure to comply with the electrical wiring standard can cost $550,000.

Keep the Certificate Safe

The certificate is the proof you need when authorities look for your copy of the CCEW. In Sydney, electricians are required to have a copy of the certificate for at least five years. 

Moreover, it is like a historical record of your customers’ electrical connections. So, you must keep it for future reference if they have decided to acquire your services again.     


It is vital to comply with Sydney’s legislations and electrical standards to ensure the safety of a property’s electrical system. That’s why electricians are required to submit an Electrical Safety Certificate whenever they conduct electrical works. 

Presented in this article are the ways on how to get an electrical safety certificate in Sydney, so there are no more excuses for you, as an electrician, to violate regulations set by the authorities.

Here at Gordon Powers, our team of licensed level 2 electricians are responsible enough to follow the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules and the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2018. We provide top-quality electrical installation, repair, inspection, and upgrade services tailored to our customers’ desires and needs.

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