Invest in the safety and protection of your property by doing regular maintenance jobs like house rewiring. The wires and cables in your home will wear out due to old age and constant incessant usage.

Imagine, you and your family are using electricity every single day. It is only rightful to maintain your electrical wiring in check to keep your property safer and your family away from danger. You’ll need all the help where anything power-related is.

Gordon Powers has been a reliable expert in dealing with power. Here are some tips you can apply to your house rewiring plans:

Always check for an existing structure

During construction, your home has other systems and structures present besides the electrical system. Double-check existing infrastructures and systems before even having plans for rewiring. There are other things to consider like the plumbing system, water sources, house layouts, and many more. You need to make sure that before engaging in any rewiring, you don’t accidentally make holes or partitions in existing wiring or important parts.

Follow the most recent local regulations and policies

Your local council will always have certain rules and regulations that apply to power use and house electrical systems. Always take note of the most recent policies and changes and apply them to house rewiring. This is to make sure that your electrical system is really safe and that your neighbouring properties are also safe from any possible power mishap. Take note of colour coding schemes, electrical consumption limits, power service provider, and others. Keep safe!

Thoroughly check all wiring

Before you engage and attempt rewiring, thoroughly check the wiring paths in your home. Trace back all the cables and check for any damages and discolouration in the wire. Double-check your outlets and test all your circuits to figure out the real condition of your wiring systems. If you do, you might not need to change all wiring. You only need to change the ones that are not functioning well or are not up to the standards of local regulations. This can save you bucks.

Account all the costs associated with the job

After checking all your property condition and the power-related aspects of your home, account for all possible expenses. Changes in your electrical systems will cost you money in buying newer and better materials. If you also opt to change or add a few more outlets to your place, that’s another cost you need to consider. Estimate your cost well to make sure that your house rewiring is still in budget. You’ll need to spend for rewiring, but it doesn’t need cost as much as you think. 

Ask your Level 2 electrical experts

The best thing you can do is really to work with you electrical experts in planning and carrying out this house rewiring job. Electrical experts have the proper training and proper experience in dealing with tasks such as house rewiring. Level 2 electricians have the proper licence and certification to carry out these kinds of electrical system changes in your residence. Check with your local electricians and make sure they have the permit to work with you.


Gordon Power has been around for more than a decade to deal with any house rewiring job in your home. As a team with professional power experience, we can assure that we’ll carry out your house rewire needs in quality service. Your safety and property protection is our top priority. We have 24-hr electricians available for you any time. For more urgent concerns, we have emergency electricians that can bolt straight to you for electrical concerns. 

We are available across Sydney. You can call us at (02) 9199 7480 or you can send us your enquiry here.