Is your office lighting poorly lit?

At the beginning of every morning, your workers always come equipped and ready and in full energy to perform their respective work tasks. However, with every passing hour, you can’t help but realise that they are starting to slow down. They become sluggish, lazy and even irritable. So what could be the cause of such a phenomenon?

Believe it or not, poor lighting in your office is a direct factor. Even if you may have sufficient light to see, the type of lighting itself could potentially have an impact on the biological processes as well as the emotions of your workers. If you didn’t know, poor office lighting could potentially result in migraines, headaches, drowsiness, lack of motivation and irritability.

As a savvy entrepreneur, you are probably aware that optimal productivity is arguably the biggest goal of any company, whether small or big. Organisations will always do everything within their power to enhance productivity. Proper lighting in the workplace is extremely crucial. Not only does proper and adequate office lighting contributes to the health of employees and a positive attitude, but overall productivity as well.

Simply put, good lighting is essential to the proper functioning and ambience of any workspace. It plays a critical role in ensuring that your workspace experiences a vibrant, creative and safe atmosphere.

So what are some of the health problems associated with poor office lighting?

Headaches and migraines

It has always been proven that harsh overhead lighting is one of the leading causes of migraines and headaches. When triggered during working hours, the affected individual will experience a considerable amount of discomfort. Clearly, if you are not motivated, your productivity levels are likely to suffer.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Poor office lighting has also been associated with fatigue and drowsiness at work. In most occasions, a fatigued individual will turn to other unproductive activities in a bid to perk themselves up. They are likely to spend time on social media and other activities that are unrelated to their job.

Tired, strained eyes

If you didn’t know, the combination of the harsh office lighting with that coming from the computer systems in an office could potentially result in reduced levels of concentration. What’s more, in an environment with inadequate lighting, your eyes will tend to work much harder in order to see. As a result, you will have overworked your eyes and end up with strained eyes.

Inadequate sleep

Fatigue, migraines and headaches are known to have a negative impact on your sleep. Employees are likely to experience poor sleeping patterns. A lack of sleep could potentially affect your daytime involvement with work.

Poor lighting reduces your mood

If you have ever tried to solve or focus on a difficult task in low lighting, then you probably know how it can be to accomplish difficult tasks. The fact is that many certified biological studies have revealed office lighting to be directly associated with our moods. Different types of lighting and temperatures can trigger different feelings of mental alertness.

So how can you enhance your office lighting?

The first culprit of poor office lighting is the use of artificial lights, especially when improperly installed. This implies that to enhance the lighting in your office, you need a team of highly experienced electricians who can potentially find and create the right light fixtures for your workspace.

Thanks to the technological advancements, today, there is an extensive variety of workstation lighting. These types of lighting are typically essential to relatively small areas where productivity requires focused light. Of course, you would want to install high-quality lighting options from sustainable materials.

Natural lighting – The superior alternative!

If possible, always try to prioritise the use of natural light over artificial light. Though you may not be able to acquire all the lighting you need through the windows and other openings, you are highly encouraged to use natural light as much as possible. Of course, you may have to flip on some artificial lighting as well.

However, natural lighting is not only much more pleasing to your eyes, but equally helps to reduce strains, headaches and pain. Natural lights affect our moods in a positive way and also help boost proper hormonal balance. As such, natural lighting office renovations have been shown to result in fewer illness incidences, less absenteeism and happier employees.

As a result, proper lighting has a positive correlation with increased productivity. Though the initial cost of lighting renovation in your workplace may seem daunting, the immediate gains due to energy savings, the positive mood among workers and increased productivity gains potentially make up for the initial investment costs.

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