Every single day, you touch a hundred things inside your home. One of the most common things you’ll be touching on a regular basis is the light switches everywhere.

As a result, light switches are one of those things prone to use. Damages and wearing out can occur to them regularly. As part of your home maintenance, make sure to check the light switches. When they need replacement and change, don’t hesitate to invest in newer switches that go a long way.

There are many ways you can change a light switch in your home. Licensed electricians are always available for you. They know best about light switches in your home, so it’s always good to schedule a consultation with them. Gordon Powers is always available to help in making sure your light switches are in the best shape. Install your light switches safely and efficiently. Your aim should be to at least not worry about your light switches for a long time.

Common causes for light switch damages

There are clear signs when you need to repair, change or replace your light switch. Some of these things are more noticeable than others. Sometimes, the light switch is not the issue, but it’s still helpful to look at it from time to time. When you check for your electrical system, inspect your light switches too. Check them for any symptoms that indicate the need for a newer light switch.

  • Light bulb or light fixture is malfunctioning
  • Light doesn’t turn on but the lightbulb is okay
  • Constant tripping of circuit breaker
  • Low frying noises are audible

Contact a local electrician

Changing light switches is electrical work. Electrical work requires experience and knowledge to guarantee the best results. It is advisable that only authorised people touch and examine it. Call your local electrician for light switch concerns. Gordon Powers has extensive experience to handle any light switch issues in your home. It is best that you leave your home to electrical experts.

If you choose to change the light switches by yourself, things can get dangerous. Loose light switches can cause electrical accidents to you and your property. Faulty switches can end up in fatal electric shocks that can kill you. Instead of changing light switches, you might end up in the hospital room. Never compromise your health and safety at home. You didn’t only hurt yourself; you hurt your pocket as well. You could’ve used this expense to call an electrical expert.

Do-it-yourself light switch changes may also cause you potential problems. After going to the hospital, you get questioned for doing illegal electrical work. This unlicensed electrical work can land you fines and offences. According to NSW Fair Trading, there are heavy penalties for breaking the laws in New South Wales. Fines can go from $22,000 up to $110,000 for unlicensed electrical work. 

Always choose to contact your electrical expert first before doing anything. Electricity is powerful enough to cause more harm when you mishandle it. It is best to leave the electricians in doing something they have expertise in. 


If you’re worried about the expense, consider calling your electrical experts first. We offer all sorts of electrical jobs including light switch installations. Gordon Powers can give you an initial quotation for your light switch job. If you have anything to enquire about or wish to book an appointment online, you can send it here. You’re not obligated to immediately book a job for your light switches.  You can ask us first before fretting about the cost of changing the switches in your home. It’s better to spend on the electrical job first than to risk your safety to save money. Prioritise safety anytime.

Gordon Powers is a team of electrical experts available across Sydney. We have been around giving professional service. It is not different for you. We are here to assist you in your electrical concerns, even if it’s just a light switch.

Don’t hesitate to call us anytime at (02) 9199 7480 or send us an email.