In case you’re moving into your new home, sooner or later, you’ll encounter the electrical meter box. This box serves as an enclosure. It houses the electrical meter, a device that monitors the electric consumption of your home.

Hence, the electrical meter box should be sturdy and in place. This box should not be flimsy. Keeping it safe and well-protected in any kind of condition is one of your responsibilities as a home-owner. Guard this box well as it monitors your power.

The reading meter inside the electrical meter box is the power provider’s responsibility. The electrical meter box is yours. In New South Wales, there is a standard procedure posted by Energy NSW. Only ASP (Accredited Service Provider) must install electric meters. Gordon Powers has accredited Level 2 electricians for this kind of task. They can aid you with your electrical meter related concerns. This includes electric meter boxes. You can count on them to do things for you.

There are some things you can do in setting up the boxes. The important thing is for the electrical meter box to be as safe and strong. It should follow the guidelines posted by the energy council. Consider them as pre-steps before your new box is in. 

1.   Find a location for the electrical box

Determine where inside your home you want to place in the electrical meter box. It is important to consider the height the local electrician installs your box in. The minimum height for electrical meter boxes is 48 inches from the ground. The maximum height for the installation is at 72 inches. Keep your box at a height where it is still accessible to you.

2.   Turn off all the electricity in your property

Electrical meter box installations are prone to cause electrocution. Make sure that all the power in your property is off. The power provider of your home owns the electric meter. It is best to contact them and work with them for the box installation to avoid any accidents and damages. They’re responsible for completely turning the power off in your property.

3.   Call the electrician

It is time. For the actual installation of your electrical meter box, call your local trusted electricians. They have the proper training and license to handle and take care of your electrical meter box. Gordon Powers is somebody you can count on in this field. Don’t forget, your safety is more important than anything else!

4.   Mount the box to the wall

At this point, your electrician mounts the electrical meter box. Electrical meter boxes usually have insertion cutouts for the screws and the mounts. Screw-in the box to the wall. It is best if the wall or location you choose has a prepared insertion point for the screws. In this way, the screws really fit in the hole. They cause less damage or accidents due to a loose cap on.

5.   Cut out a hole for the wiring

There should be a cut out for the wiring of your electrical meter. The wires should pass the cut out comfortably enough. Moreover, the cut out serves another purpose. It is an insertion point of the protective tube or pipe. In addition to keeping your reading meter safe, keep your wiring path safe too. They can cause as much hazard when you don’t protect them well enough.

6.   Connect the wiring

After mounting the box to the wall and securing the cut out for the wiring, the wires can now be connected. Connect the wires to the meter carefully and completely.  

7.   Double-check the box

After installing the electrical meter box and securing the wires to the meter, double-check everything. Knock on the box a couple of times and make sure that it’s in place. Run through the tube or pipe that protects the wiring via the cutout.


Installing the electric meter box is just as crucial as any other electrical installation. You still need people with enough training and experience to handle these aspects in your home. Any mishap can cause damage or malfunction. You want to avoid that for your place. Therefore, it is better to call in electrical experts. At Gordon Powers, we provide expert electrical services including electricity metering services in Sydney. 

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