I need a Fuse Box Upgrade

An old fuse box might be working just fine and yet it can have serious issues that affect your safety and the monthly cost of electricity.  The technology changes every few years and older fuse boxes don’t contain additional protection that the newer ones have. Even if you haven’t noticed any problems, it’s still a good idea to replace a fuse box that is over 10 years old.

An old fuse box means you have older wiring as well, so be sure to have this checked by an electrician if you are considering upgrading your fuse box. Some older homes have aluminium wiring, which is now considered a fire hazard and should be replaced with copper if you can afford it. Add to that the fact that most homes have a number of technologically advanced devices and outdated wiring and fuse boxes can affect how these devices work.

Many homes and businesses do not currently have upgraded circuit breakers that meet the new legislation requirements. RCD and MCB protection offers you a stronger layer of safety, lower overall power bills, and better performance. Even though it may cost a little more up front, upgrading your fuse box and wiring is a good investment that adds to the value of your home.

The professional electricians at Gordon’s Powers Electrical will come out to your home and inspect the fuse box, the wiring and the entire electrical system for a nominal fee. If you do have an older fuse box or if you’ve noticed a few issues with your electricity, then this is the first step. Find out what type of wiring you have and how old your electrical system is. Our electricians can give you a range of options for upgrading your system so that it operates safely and efficiently.

Sometimes home owners are reluctant to call an electrician for fear of how much it might cost but at Gordon’s Powers Electrical we give you up-front pricing so you’ll know how much a job will cost before we ever start work. We use quality parts in all installs and guarantee everything we do. Why not call today and have your electrical system inspected?