Accidents can happen anytime.

Due to its hazardous nature, dealing with electricity should always be practised with extra precaution. However, it can be avoided with an extra layer of protection. Electric shocks, overheating, explosions, and many more can happen to you and your homes. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Your safety should always be more important than anything.

One day you might decide to hire your local electric technician to assess the state of your home. To ensure safe precautions, these are a few enforced safety regulations for better safekeeping:

1. Your electrician should get your consent before doing any tasks.

Before your electrician works on any repair you want, make sure you have a talk with them. Make sure they’re working with the level of accreditation and certification required for the job you want to be done. They need to be able to tell you what’s going on and how things are going to be because electrical changes in your home can affect different things.

The task you want dome might be as small as replacing switches or upgrading wirings, but knowing what goes on will prepare you for what to do in any unfortunate case accidents can happen.

2. If there are patient areas in your home, it is best not to have any electrical installations at work.

In your house, if you have any family members that are sick and in constant medical care from homes, there shouldn’t be any electrical work going on near those areas e.g. If medical equipment is present, any slight changes in electrical matters might put the patient in danger.

You need to inform your electrician if the case applies i.e. you have a patient at home or you’re expecting an area to be a patient area.

3. The electricity consumption of your gadgets and installations must also be controlled by the main switchboard.

The main switchboard is a device that controls and transmits electricity to the main source to your homes. Having the main switchboard is crucial for the electric supply of your sockets and wirings. Make sure you invest in a good switchboard installation to evenly distribute electricity that works for your home’s appliances and gadgets. This regulates and monitors the amount of electricity your homes consume.

4. Electrical supplies must be properly labelled and segregated especially for buildings that house multiple occupants.

It is crucial to know which lines and wirings are yours. This will make your electrical consumption easy to track down. If accidents or damages happen, it will be easier to figure out where damages happened.

5. Electrical installations must always be tested first before being used in full capacity.

Since you’re dealing with electricity, trying out installations will definitely point out if you’re going to have problems in the future. Your wirings and installations should also function well before being used fully. In case early accidents happen like faulty installation of devices, poor wiring conditions, etc., your local electrician can already fix it. This also indicates if your electric installations are already safe for use.

Your safety is also our top concern. Here at Gordon Powers, we work with electricians who are certified and accredited. We can connect you to our level 2 electricians who can attend to your major concerns in the household. We can handle your electrical concerns, no matter how big or small. Do you have any electrical concerns? Do you want to upgrade your home’s electrical capacity? Or do you simply want to have an inspection to make sure your homes are as safe as ever? Call (02) 9199 7480 or send an enquiry at