It is undeniable that LED technology is racking a high demand in the lighting industry.

LED lighting systems are more energy-efficient and produce brighter output than conventional fluorescent lamps. As you can see, using LEDs have a number of benefits, and new LED lighting trends are emerging for both residential and commercial designs.

A Light Emitting Diode or LED is a semiconductor that, as its name describes, emits light when current passes through it. Since an LED is compact and uses no fragile filaments, it has a longer life and better durability than standard filament bulbs. Moreover, LEDs have less impact to environmental issues since they do not consist of harmful materials such as mercury.

As the demand for LED lighting system skyrockets, innovations for smarter and aesthetic lighting systems improves as well. With this, Gordon Powers, the leading Electrical Service provider in Sydney, will shed some light on the newest trends in LED Lighting Systems.

More Interior Lighting

You might have seen many restaurants and cafes with poor lighting just for the sake of saving energy, or simply because of burnt-out lamps. However, with a better shelf life compared to CFC bulbs, households and commercial spaces use more LED lamps on wider areas.

LED strips also allow you to install clever horizontal lighting on shelves, stairs, under cabinets, as well as other nooks that no light can reach before. LED strips and rope lights can be cut to the desired length, outlined on specific shapes, and then glued into place. This allows store owners to stand wiser on better lighting with a renewed focus on quality.

Furthermore, most of these LED rope lights and strips function under a low wattage and 12 volts direct current, a huge difference from the standard 220V input AC voltage. That’s why you can add more efficient LED lighting without worrying too much about your electric bills.

Smarter LEDs

Have you ever fiddled with your lighting switches and watch the lights flick on and off? If you think LEDs are simply using binary codes on and off, smarter innovations prove this false. Many smart LED technologies are utilised on commercial spaces as well as households.

One particular example is local positioning systems which utilise high-frequency modulations emitted through the LEDs and are picked up by smartphones. This technology is used to identify the locations of customers within the building using only their phones.

Additionally, LEDs are also integrated into wireless control systems which give you control over your home lighting using your smartphones, tablets, and even your voice! Now you can be like Tony Stark and use your voice to light up your cozy home – everyone loves that doorstep to couch experience after a long day of work without having to flick all light switches around the house.

Rhythms of RGB

LEDs are not only limited between warm and cool tones but can literally emit the entire RGB Spectrum! RGB stands for the colour spectrum that consists of about 16.7 million colours generated by varying intensities of the Red, Green, and Blue colours.

Turning these RGB-capable LEDs into rhythmic melodies of light can bring more colour and mood to your living space or workplace. The produced colours offer an appealing variety of warm hues and cool tones as well as vibrant moods for high-efficiency power consumption.

A Brighter State of Body and Mind

Modern LED technologies do not only focus on satisfying your visual senses but also putting an in-depth effect on your overall well-being. Waking up to a beautiful warm sunrise for sure gives you that relaxing morning vibe. However, not everyone has their bedroom windows angled on direct sunlight and those who live in a cloudy and cool climate doesn’t get a taste of those warm morning rays.

Fortunately, LED lighting systems can be utilised to mimic the colour scheme of a morning sunrise to help you rise and shine more easily. Moreover, there are scientifically-based human-centric approaches that utilise the RGB capabilities of modern LEDs to stimulate or boost concentration and help fix sleeping patterns.

The Great Outdoors

With LEDs that use waterproofing technologies, you can experiment on your gardens or campsites to make spectacular and entertaining family outdoor bondings. Colourful poolside LED lightings will no longer make you feel anxious about electrocution.

Outdoor LED lighting isn’t only for aesthetics, but also for your safety. Illuminated garden path walks are safer environments for your children to walk around. Now, your family will be able to see the picturesque secrets of your garden at night – thanks to innovative outdoor LEDs.


LEDs provide another way to light up our homes and workplaces that’s good for our planet. More than aesthetics and safety, lighting has become a way of life. That is why investing in better lighting systems rather than the low-efficiency CFCs is the smart choice.

For LED lighting upgrade and installation, it is also important to let certified electricians take care of the job. Level 2 Electricians from Gordon Powers are exceptionally trained to install advanced LED lighting systems as well as give you advice on indoor lighting designs so you get the best quality for our friendly price.

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