Protect Yourself From an Unpredictable Power Surge

Power surges are the bane of all electronic equipment and devices. When there’s a huge amount of electricity passing through your property, household appliances and electronic devices are in danger of being damaged or destroyed in the process.

What we recommend you to do to keep safe from a power surge:

1) Unplug your electrical goods during storms

Whenever there’s a storm or a similar weather disturbance, you can manually protect your appliances and small electronics by shutting them off and pulling the plug.

Turn off devices that you won’t be using (microwave ovens, washing machines, your TV or desktop computer) so that they won’t be affected when there’s an energy fluctuation. Disconnect your items from their power source in order to minimise the risk of electrical damage.

2) Don’t overload your outlets

Appliances and electronics that draw huge amounts of electricity should not be sharing the same electrical outlet. This goes the same for items that have sensitive circuit boards, such as a laptop computer, a widescreen TV or an internet modem or router.

As a general rule, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines should have a dedicated plug-in or power strip as they consume massive amounts of electricity, which leads to more frequent surges.

3) Invest in surge protectors

Surge protectors act as a sort of insurance for your most expensive electronics. Get a UL-listed surge protector for your laptop, widescreen TV and things that will cost a fortune to replace.

Surge protectors work by taking the brunt of electricity and driving that power to the ground. There are a few kinds of surge protectors you can get, from power bars to ones that are added to your property’s electrical panel. You can get a UPS, or an uninterruptible power supply so you can back up your computer before shutting it down.

Keep in mind that most homes won’t have a built-in surge protection, so it’s best to call in a professional to install a surge protector.

4) Upgrade your fuse box or switchboard

Your current switchboard or fusebox may not be adequate enough to keep up with your current demands. Your home’s general power and appliance performance will ultimately depend on it, so it’s in your best interest to have your switchboard upgraded.

If your appliances seem to be struggling or when you turn on a lot of appliances, your circuit breaker trips, or when the lights seem to flicker, or when you see ceramic fuses in your meter box, then it’s time for an upgrade.

5) Get professional assistance

A professional, licensed technician such as Gordon’s Powers can help you with all your electrical inspections on weak power lines that could be causing power surges. You can count on us to ensure that your house is free of faults and for switchboard upgrades as necessary. Moreover, you can get surge protector installation for lines that have sensitive or expensive electronics plugged in.

With professional help, you can achieve an utmost peace of mind knowing that your appliances are protected and safe from untimely, sudden bursts of electricity that could greatly damage your electronics.