Safeguard your home from unexpected electrical faults

Did you know that approximately 74 people are electrocuted each year in Australia? Even this number may seem relatively small, it is a clear indication that that most Australians do not take the necessary precautions when dealing with electrical devices.

The majority of these deaths from electrocution were either caused by faulty or overloaded powerpoints. Therefore, for you and your family to stay safe, you should ensure that no power point in your home is overloaded for any reason whatsoever.

If you plan to purchase or use extra lighting or electrical appliances, it would be a good idea to install additional powerpoint outlets around the house first.

The dynamic environment we live in has necessitated the need for many things, one of them is the need to use electricity. Nowadays, nearly every gadget in your home uses power. However, many people reside in homes that do not have enough outlets to accommodate all the cords and wires, a phenomenon that results in powerpoint overloads.

What are some of the signs of an overloaded powerpoint?

The most apparent way through which you can identify an overloaded powerpoint is through the tripping of a breaker and the eventual power shut-off. Conversely, some signs are less visible and may include:

1) Buzzing of outlets and switches

2) Burning odours from switches

3) Dimming lights; especially after you turn on other switches

4) Burnt plugs and sockets


How to avoid overloading powerpoints

You should exercise extreme caution whenever you’re dealing with electricity. For that reason, you should probably familiarise yourself with the tips that can assist you to avoid overloading your powerpoints. Some of the tips are detailed below:

1) Never be lured into plugging on too many appliances into one powerpoint. Even though you may think it’s harmless, it may lead to overheating.

2) Have appliances that consume more power plugged onto their individual sockets. Ideally, such machines may include dryers and washing machines.

3) Constantly check out for signs of loose wiring as you go about your daily house chores, always remember to check your powerpoints. Such subtle acts may save you a fortune because you may end up identifying signs of loose wiring, for instance, hot plugs.

4) Additionally, you should cease from overloading extension cables. Like many other appliances, such plug adaptors can only carry current up to a certain limit.

5) Furthermore, you should make it a habit to check an extension’s rating before purchasing it. Most of them have a 13 Amps rating.

6) Lastly, another safety tip that may come in handy is for you to know and understand the wiring in your home. Most electrical systems are complicated. With that regard, you should acquaint yourself with the specific parts of the house through which circuits run to avoid overloading powerpoints.

Dangers of Overloading a Powerpoint

You would naturally want to exercise caution when handling extra electrical appliances. The best way to avoid overloading a powerpoint is to unplug any existing appliance and plug your new device in.

Some of the lurking dangers that may result from overloading a powerpoint are elaborated below:

Risk of a fire

In the contemporary world, it is common knowledge that our home are heavily piled with electrical appliances. Most of these appliances can cause disaster if not handled properly. Evidently, disasters like a fire result when powerpoints are overloaded with electrical gadgets.

Available statistics reveal that approximately half the fires in Australian households are as a result of electrical faults. Rather than overloading your powerpoints, you can call in your certified local electrician to install extra outlets.

Damage to property

Vicious fires caused by overloaded sockets have resulted in the damage of property worth millions. That said, you should safeguard your property from damage that may be caused by overloaded powerpoints.

The danger of electrical shock/electrocution

Unknown to many, most people have been electrocuted from overloaded circuits; especially in homes without safety switches.

Loss of lives

We are all aware that despite its potential benefits, electricity has claimed the lives of many people. Overloading your powerpoints not only carries the risk of fire damage but can potentially result in fatalities.

With that in mind, you should ensure that you don’t endanger your life by overloading sockets since the subsequent fires and electrocution may lead to death.

Damage to plugged-in devices

Your precious washer or dryer may end up getting damaged merely because you have plugged it in an already overloaded powerpoint. Such devices consume high power and need to be plugged in their own sockets.

Finally, it is vital to reiterate that the simple act of overloading a powerpoint can result in untold catastrophe, yet it can be avoided. Above all, your safety and that of your family is paramount and should be your utmost priority. You can safeguard not only your loved ones but also your property by refraining from overloading powerpoints.

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