An electric meter has one purpose: it monitors energy consumption in an area or property. As such, electricity providers are responsible for the electric meters of their customers.

They are responsible for installing and maintaining your electrical meter. There are different kinds of meters available. The electric meter in your home might not be the same as the ones from other areas, especially if they have a different power provider.

Gordon Powers is one of the authorised electricians by power providers. Some of these providers are Ausgrid and Energy Endeavour. The electrical experts in Gordon Powers are accredited by the local government. They have the license to perform dangerous electrical work. Only Level 2 electricians should handle your electric meter. This applies to any kind of meter you have in your property. 

Standard electricity meter

The standard electricity meter might be the one you’re most familiar with. Most electric meters look like this. It is usually box or circle in shape and has a clear glass protection in the front. This meter displays black numbers that show up in blocks or boxes. You need not count the red number to the reading. Get the difference between two readings to find the energy consumption you had. 

Dial meter

The dial meter is more analog than your standard electricity meter. Instead of black numbers that display the reading, there are mini circles with arrow hands that point to a number. You have to read the numbers manually. Read the pointed numbers from left to right and ignore the red dial. Usually, the red dial is at the end or below the right circle.

Digital meter

The digital meter is another kind of electric meter that reads power consumption. It displays the numbers on an LCD screen. You might need to press down on a button for the reading to pop up. However, you don’t read them the same way as the standard meter. You need to subtract the most recent reading from a previous reading from another date. The difference is the electricity you consumed.

Prepayment meter

A prepayment meter works in reverse to most meters available in the market. The prepayment or prepaid meter is a meter that you load in advance. You pay for the desired amount of power in advanced. Then the power provider loads the corresponding amount of energy afterwards. This kind of meter goes hand in hand with varying power subscriptions. Note the rate and pricing for unit cost as electricity in prepayment meters tend to cost more than the normal meters around.

Smart meter 

The smart meter is often used interchangeably with digital meters. However, smart meters are usually smart devices that display in a comprehensible manner the energy reading in your home. For smart homes, home operations are usually integrated into one device like a tablet. One of the functions of a smart meter is monitoring the energy consumption inside your house. A smart meter also analyses the energy reading for you. This is an easier way to understand where your power goes.

Electricity-interval meter 

An Electricity-interval meter is an electronic meter that measures electricity every 30 minutes. The meter sends the readings to a computer. With this meter, you’ll have a more accurate understanding of your power consumption. It breaks down the peaks and lows of your electricity usage over time.  You’ll have a better knowledge at which points of the day you consume the most electricity. 

Solar meter 

Another kind of electricity-reading device is the solar meter. It reads solar power consumptions from solar energy. If you decide to switch to solar energy, this is the meter for you. It exists in three kinds: net meters, bi-directional meters and dual meters. Although it is a more advanced way of gaining electricity, it is also one of the sustainable lifestyle changes you’ll make in terms of energy consumption.


Among its electrical services, Gordon Powers also offers electric meter installations. No matter what kind of electricity reading device you have, it should work well. Gordon Powers has the professionalism and the experience to install and maintain your electrical meters. Don’t worry about these dangerous tasks. We have the proper training and the right equipment for this.

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