Power Point Outlet

How often do you think of replacing electrical powerpoint outlets? If you are like most Australian homeowners, the chances are low. But if you live in a house that was constructed a few decades ago then you will need to start considering it.

Not getting a home electrical system inspection increases the risk of your house having an outdated and faulty powerpoint outlet. Knowing when to replace and upgrade your electrical outlets is never black and white. But with the right information, it can help you make the right decisions.

1) When your wires and outlets have been outdated

Most outlets and wires have a life expectancy of about twenty years. This makes them highly susceptible to dangerous hazards like fire. As time goes by, the insulation on the wires wears off and may have an effect on how you make contact with them.

Therefore it isn’t safe to have such a type of insulation after a few years. The risk might be small but you need to be constantly checking on your wiring and outlets after a few years to ensure that your house is safe from hazards caused by electricity as a result of poor installation.

2) When your outlet covers have cracks

No one likes a cracked outlet cover. It isn’t appealing to the eye at all. What’s more, these cracked outlets pose a high risk to your house. They let debris and dirt into your electrical system meaning your chances of getting an electrical surge as a result of the debris and dirt are very high.

This is quite dangerous for your house. If you notice a cracked outlet cover, you need to replace the cover as soon as possible. You will need to have your outlets inspected regularly by a professional to ensure that they are still in good condition.

3) When you notice flickering lights

Flickering lights are a sign that your electricity outlet can’t keep up with the demand. This could be as a result of a loose connection in the fixture or loose electrical wiring in the circuit breaker. This type of electrical problem is serious and can only be handled by a professional to ensure the repair is done perfectly.

4) When electrical outlets and light switches are not working properly

Receptacles and light switches that aren’t working only pose a great electricity problem. The main cause of the malfunctions is a loose wiring or a cracked device. Electricity problems may also arise if a plug in the receptacle is loose. If it falls out partially, it can cause accidental shocks to unsuspecting individuals. If you notice this in your home, it’s crucial that you call in a professional electrician to inspect your wiring system to check whether they have loose connections. They will replace them immediately in case there are any.

Our friendly and qualified electrician

Safety in your home is paramount. There is no better way of thinking about safety than thinking of electrical power point outlets. This is one common area that has been neglected by most Australians yet it is the most critical point when it comes to safety.

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