The modern era introduced electronic devices and appliances in every Sydney household.

With the increasing demand for energy, our electrical systems have also evolved consequently. Moreover, modern appliances are still vulnerable to electrical faults that could result in recurrent electrical surges. Knowing this aspect will help us acquire protection and ensure the safety of our home.

Even in this electronic age, there are still people who would often overlook the significance of surge protection. Nevertheless, using a surge protector should be your household’s top priority if you ever have the thought of prolonging the operational life of your appliances and making your home safe from daily and external surges.

Here are some critical pieces of information you need to know about Whole House Surge Protector and how it can safeguard your whole household from the constant implications and hazards of electrical surges.

What is a Whole House Surge Protector

Whole House Surge Protectors help prevent electrical disruption and damage caused by transient and rapid high voltage electrical spikes to your electronic appliances. It is essential in protecting your entire electrical system, which includes everything you plug into power outlets. Moreover, a surge protector guards your home against possible lightning-induced surges and power outages.

Technically, installation of a surge protector will secure your household from the daily interrupting surges that may cause gradual electronic failure. Without this level of protection, your electrical components and circuitry are prone to damage caused by transients and surges.

Furthermore, a surge protector returns any occurring surge to the breaker panel to minimise or eliminate it. Whole house surge protectors inside your home are also helpful in suppressing external surges caused by lightning strikes. 

How does Surge Protection Work?

Generally, surge protectors contain Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) which deters excess voltage when a surge or spike occurs. When voltage highly elevates, the MOV conducts a lot of current through the help of metal oxide and semi-conductors, thus eliminating excess voltage and permits it to return to the normal state.

On the other hand, surge protectors vary based on installation location, installation process, and the designated area to protect. Unlike power strips which are multi-outlet products that don’t offer much of protection for electrical issues, whole house surge protectors act as the first line or even second line of defence against the prominent threats of surges.

Some surge protectors are installed between the utility pole and power meter right where the electricity flows into your home or “line side” with your main control entrance. It usually involves the presence of your power company in the installation process, having to shut down electricity flow on your control panel.

Moreover, other surge protectors are being installed at your branch panel, which connects directly to a dual-pole breaker, and guards all your circuit panels. This filters the electricity, and only safe electrical currents can flow into your household devices. 

Installation of Whole House Surge Protector

Installing your surge protector at home can be risky, especially if you don’t know how to work with electrical circuits. To give you additional information, here are some things that you should take note if you ever try to attempt the installation of the surge protector:

  • Prepare tools such as wire cutters, screwdrivers, and duct tapes
  • Check entire breaker panel through a voltage detector to ensure that power is off before installation process begins
  • Strictly follow written instructions or manual of your chosen surge protector brand
  • Verify and check the operational manual after installation to make sure everything is working smoothly
  • Monthly checking of your surge protector device 

The above-listed information is just a few of the things you need to have in mind when installing your own Whole House Surge Protector. If you are not confident of doing it on your own, it is much better to contact a licensed technician or an electrician company to do the necessary work.


Since electricity is by far essential and electrical appliances are on its booming period, acquiring a reliable and well-built electrical system with surge protectors are very much needed. In the overall context, whole house surge protectors will ensure the safety of our household. It primarily protects our valuable electronic possessions giving much concern to its serviceable life.

Nothing is much comforting as feeling at ease every time you tuck into sleep or leave your home knowing that you have a whole house surge protector ready to battle against the threats brought by electrical surges. 

If you have troubles with recurrent electrical surges or is hesitant in installing whole house surge protectors on your own, Gordon Powers Electrical is more than willing to help you. We have licensed electricians trained to perform surge protection installation

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