All power that flows through your home’s electrical system begins at your private power pole.


Electrician climbing on electric poles to install and repair power lines

Connecting your private electrical system to the street network requires proper equipment, knowledge, and safety procedures. To efficiently execute a power pole installation, you will need a level 2 electrician.

Here’s why:

Higher Competency

Unlike average electricians, a level 2 electrician underwent more complete training as well as a considerable amount of work experience. The qualifications of a level 2 electrician enable them to conduct comprehensive power pole installation and other electrical works.

This includes:

  • Installation and repair of electrical meters
  • Connect/Disconnect of power supplies
  • Conduct overground or underground work
  • Power upgrades (1-phase to 3-phase) in residential or commercial facilities
  • Conducts necessary live work and testing
  • Installation/Upgrade of existing switchboards

The above scope of works is significantly dangerous, exceptionally, if poorly executed. Furthermore, finding an ideal power pole location and the right electrical components isn’t that easy. It requires a good understanding of the power demand of a specific household. That’s why level 2 ASPs at Gordon Powers follow strict NSW rules and regulations. This ensures a safe work procedure and a reliable work result.


A qualified level 2 electrician knows where and how to install your private power pole. It’s not merely boring a hole in your lawn and tapping from the main power line. But most importantly, you should consider weather conditions as well as overhanging branches that could apply tension to the power cables.

Additionally, due to their nature of work and significant experience, level 2 electricians can give you reliable advice about your electrical system to further improve efficiency. In most cases, a level 2 electrician will need to assess the suitability of an electrical power pole or shared private electricity pole for your property.

More than a sturdy and weather-resistant power pole, we will help you make improvements to your overall electrical system, significantly reducing electrical hazards and utility costs over time.

Work Confidence

The last thing you want to experience is seeing a complete installation, only to realise that the electrician isn’t entirely confident with his work. To help you sleep well, it is important that you only seek help from level 2 electricians who are experts in pole installation.

In addition, a good electrician will guide you through the work process, so you have a good idea about what’s going on.

  • Supply – Power poles can come as timber or galvanised steel. Electricians should walk you through both options so you can have the cheapest and most reliable material for your location. This also includes the wire gauge and other necessary fixtures and components.
  • Placement – Determining a pole location is governed by a set of installation and service rules, as well as codes, acts, and laws. A level 2 electrician will help you identify the perfect place without walking you through the lengthy guidelines.
  • Installation – Private power poles should be firmly planted in place. Level 2 electricians must also prepare contingency plans if the intended location is surrounded by soft soil.
  • Connection – After the pole is fixed in place, your electrician should only need to connect you to your street’s network. Once this is finished, you’re good to go!


More than brand new installations, level 2 electricians are fully aware of natural factors or emergencies that your power pole could encounter over time. That’s why our professional staff at Gordon Powers have adequate tools to help you maintain your power pole in optimal condition.

Moreover, our qualified electricians will be able to help you renew your electrical pole or upgrade to a more durable material once it has lost its spark. Making sure you get back on track within the day.


Installing a reliable and standard power pole can have a positive effect on your security and safety. That’s why we at Gordon Powers, are dedicated to providing competent and dependable service.

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