Power grid disruptions and consequent power surges are increasing all across Sydney due to the frequency of severe weather conditions and the rising demands of a technology-centred population.

On average, a household may experience around 10 to 20 power surges a day. Most of these surges occur internally. Furthermore, Sydney experiences frequent cloud-to-ground lightning strikes every year that results in damages usually excluded under any insurance.

Every day, a single power surge could damage hundreds of appliances and electrical devices. Hence, investing in a surge protector is a smart and necessary decision for every Sydneysider.

surge protector

Surge Protector Paybacks

A reliable surge protector can range from a few bucks up to a couple of hundred dollars. But when professionally installed, it can save you thousands more than its initial investment cost in the long run.

More than that, a surge protector will protect you from replacement costs over appliances and devices that are vulnerable from external and internal voltage spikes. Besides, they will also safeguard valuable equipment and facilities in commercial spaces. 

Thus, it is obvious that investing in surge protectors will benefit both your household and businesses> These will also help buildings stand against harmful transients and saving up costs over time.

How a Surge Protector Save You Money

Surge protectors work by regulating electrical currents and diverting transients and excess current flow towards the ground. 

Moreover, it detects over-voltage and limits it instantaneously to safe levels, allowing your appliances to operate continuously without interruption. Hence, during a thunderstorm or events of a power surge, you won’t notice any problems throughout your appliances and devices.

Besides, without an intricate level of electrical protection, your electronics and home theatre appliances could burn out within milliseconds during a lightning-induced power surge. 

Aside from lighting strikes, power surges may also come from internal sources such as:

  • Major appliances ‒ Cycling your appliances on and off could produce low-level surges
  • Faulty wiring ‒ Keep your electrical system inspected to prevent electrical leaks that may cause fluctuations and short circuits
  • Downed lines ‒ A massive storm and falling branch may collapse your power line
  • Electrical equipment problems and repairs ‒ Internal wiring faults and the use of power tools may result in voltage spikes and drops
  • High power demand ‒ This may lead to rolling blackouts during extreme weather conditions

Therefore, spending a few dollars for installing surge protectors will save you a couple in the long term.

Gearing-up Your Protection

While single-level surge protection is adequate, you can achieve optimal protection by installing several levels of surge protectors. A whole-house surge protector cannot contain 100% of extreme surges nor internal surges within your household. 

Hence, to make sure your appliances get the utmost protection, make sure to include:

  • Whole house surge protector between the point of attachment and your electric meter
  • Surge protector between the meter and your main switchboard
  • Point-of-use surge protector at your wall outlets


Surge protectors eliminate excess currents and flatten harmful transients before they flow throughout your wiring system. Thus, spending your money for one will end up saving you a lot more after a few years.

On the other hand, they don’t come as plug and play devices, as you will need to tap into your electrical system and find the sweet spot to install the surge protector. That’s why for your surge protector installation and replacement, Gordon Powers is at your service.

Our team of level 2 electricians have the tools and skills to safely install a surge protector. Moreover, we can help you diagnose hidden electrical faults and identify hotspots that need repairs to protect your home from electrical emergencies.

We are available 24/7 to give you fast and efficient electrical services for the best price. Team up with our Level 2 electricians today and call us at (02) 8378 2829.