In this modern time, it is necessary to be fast and convenient. People consider their time precious, and every minute wasted is a luxury. However, you should do things safely, as your life is more precious than your time.

Where to eat? Fast food! Where to shop? Online store! How to communicate? Send an email! 

People tend to do things today as quickly as possible. As there are more options for convenience, people choose the faster and more convenient solutions. But, don’t compromise safety for convenience. You need to prioritise life more than anything else. 

That is also the case when you consider house rewiring. You might think that as long as the electrical connection works, all is good. We are telling you that it is not. There are hidden faults in your system that you need to resolve through the electrical rewiring process.

What is House Rewiring?     

House rewiring is a necessity, especially if you are planning to move into a new house or if you want to start a renovation project within your unit. As you can’t wait to enjoy your home, it is essential to ask for electricians to rewire your house.

Electrical rewiring is not an easy task. It requires professional electricians to ensure a fast and safe process. Also, it is not a DIY project you can work on when you feel like it. As per the NSW’s Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017, only licensed electricians can conduct electrical works. So, you must have a trusted partner to do the job, and that is Gordon Powers.

If you are wondering how to rewire your house, here are the methods that Gordon Powers have established for a safe and fast rewiring process:

Plan Ahead

Electrical rewiring is an extensive task that requires careful planning and a comprehensive analysis of the circuit connection. Depending on how old or outdated your system is, electricians need to assess your wires, switches, outlets, switchboard, and all the other electrical components. It involves replacing, installation, repair, and upgrading circuits, wires, cables, and other electrical devices. 

Study circuit maps and diagrams with your electricians and discuss how to rewire your house according to your preference. Take into account the future appliances you want to purchase and calculate the required electric load capacity. 

Set A Budget

Work on a house rewiring depending on a budget. It could be quite costly but think of your family’s safety if you have an outdated system. Moreover, you can avoid pricey repairs or purchasing appliances if your circuits don’t damage your wires. 

Home rewiring rate varies depending on your needs. But, on the average, expect to spend $3000-$8000 for a medium-sized unit while $10,000 or more for a large-sized property. It could cost more if you plan to install a solar power supply or safety devices such as residual circuit device and whole-house surge protector.

Think of it as an investment rather than an expensive expenditure. In the long run, you can also save from electric bills as you have a more efficient and reliable connection.  

Organise and Clear Out Fixtures and Moveables

You cannot do any electrical rewiring task, but you can help out by moving and organising your fixtures and moveables. In this way, your electricians can do the job faster. Also, if possible, vacate the area where the rewiring is being conducted and clear out fire-conductive materials to protect your place from potential fire hazards. 

Hire The Best Electricians in the Metro 

There’s nothing more reassuring than acquiring the services of the best electricians to conduct house rewire. As you depend on electricity for your tasks and routines every day, proper installation and connection of wires, cables and other electrical components is a must.

Hire a well-established electrical service company, and don’t settle for less. It is best to get the services of first-rate electricians who offer reasonable and affordable prices as well. 


Never compromise safety over convenience. Consider rewiring your home to avoid potential electrical risks from outdated wiring and faulty cables. In order to rewire your house safely and faster, get the services of licensed electricians. 

And if you’re wondering who to call, the best one in Sydney is Gordon Powers! With our team of licensed level 2 electricians, we can conduct top-calibre and fast rewiring services, based on AS/NZS 3000: 2018 Wiring Rules. We know that your time is precious, with our 24/7 electricians who can work 24/7, we guarantee a quick and quality output while ensuring your safety at the same time.

For more than 10 years, Gordon Powers have catered to the electrical rewiring needs of Sydneysiders at affordable and reasonable prices. So contact us now at (02) 9199 7480 or send us an enquiry through email.