There’s increasing traction with the aspect of good lighting. For every home renovation plan,  lighting is an instrument in lifting the mood of every home.

Unique and well-curated lighting fixtures add a statement to any place and different shades and colours of light increase mood change in an instant. Among the rising popularity in lighting creates an increase in good light devices and light sources in a home. With this, LED lights are rising in popularity.

Really, it’s your choice to choose which kinds of light go in which place. There’s an appropriate kind of light for any occasion. The question for you is: Are LED lights suitable for your outdoor set-ups? 

These are some of the advantages of LED lights:

LEDs consume low energy

In general, LED lights consume minimal electricity. They don’t take huge amounts of power to function well. Compared to other kinds of lighting sources, LED lights almost completely convert the small energy it consumes to produce light. Meaning, the power LED lights consume are not wasted into heat energy. Compared to other sources of light that emit only as much as 10% of light and 90% of heat, LED lights use up way less and give out way more.

LEDs possess good durability

LED lights don’t easily get destroyed. For any outdoor setting, this characteristic of LED lights serves its purpose well. Of course, when you place lights in the outside, protection and safety are necessary to make them last longer. Various external factors can easily destroy any fixture and thing. Light bulbs and light fixtures can be really fragile. In contrast to having them inside your home, LED lights placed outside need to last longer to survive. 

LEDs are flexible

Outdoor settings are definitely not as controlled as indoor locations. LED lights come in many forms. There are light bulbs and strips that can be used in many ways for a thematic feel of your home. There are different types of LED lights that be used as decor or as a light source. Do you want to set up a Christmas Tree in your backyard porch during the Christmas Holidays? There are LED mini lights available in different colours for that Christmas tree.

LEDs can operate in colder temperatures

For some types of light bulbs and lighting fixtures, the surrounding temperature matters in the functionality of the light. LED lights are deemed as one of the most optimal kinds of lights to install for all kinds of settings with differing temperatures. In contrast to other light sources like fluorescent lights or incandescent lights, LED lights don’t emit heat and shine even brighter with various colder settings. This makes them suitable for outside use.

LEDs have small size options

LED lights are also available in different sizes. You can use LED mini lights for creative output or decorations in the outside. There are also LED light strips that you can attach around borders and corners to serve as a sign. There are also available waterproof LED strip lights. If your backyard ever has a fountain and you want to turn it into a magical portal like area with vivid colour, you can use this type of light submerged within the waters. 


There are plenty of reasons to choose LED lights for your outside setting at home. They are very functional and efficient in performance and they are good investments, especially when they are installed well. At Gordon Powers, we are there to help your power needs.

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