LED Lighting

Right lighting sets the mood of the place or your location. Whether it is a fast-paced work environment or a relaxing evening with your family, lighting is the key to set the right ambience. Always try to light your home bright with very less money. If you wish to cut down the money spent for lighting without sacrificing the amount of light, switch to energy-saving lighting.

LED Bulbs And Its Advantages:

LED’s, Light Emitting Diodes are extremely energy efficient. It was used earlier for the instrument panels, electronics and penlights. Now it is widely used in household lightings and even in celebration lights. These are the largest advancement in lighting and are a great alternative to current halogen or standard bulbs.

Benefits Of LED Lighting And Why Is It Recommended By Your Electrician:

  1. LED lightings are highly energy efficient. It uses only 15% of the energy a halogen uses, but provides up to 85% of light output.
  2. The main reason for why a professional Enmore Electrician suggests these lights is, because of its long lifespan.
  3. These lights are not made of glass and have no filaments, so they are not vulnerable to breakage like conventional bulbs.
  4. These are available in very compact sizes ranging from as small as 2mm. So they can easily fit in compact or hard to reach areas.
  5. LED lights switch-on with full power and so it do not require backup lighting.
  6. As these operate at a very low voltage, they do not get heated, and are safe to handle.
  7. Another main reason why your Leichhardt Electrician suggests these lightening is that they are eco-friendly and it does not contain mercury or emit any harmful UV rays or other gases.

Installation Of LED Lights:

When you decide to decorate your house in Balmain, always choose a professional Electrician.

  1. Picking The Location: The very first step in installing is to fix where you want to set them. Your Balmain Electrician will get these details form you and will also give you many suggestions.
  2. Marking The Placement: Once the location is decided he will mark the places and analyse where the wirings will come and how to hide those connecting wires.
  3. Fixing An Electrical Source For Wiring: Now the electrician will find a source of electricity to light the LED, if there is no space he has to make one.
  4. Drilling Holes To Fix Sockets: Now the electrician will drill small holes and fix the socket for the bulbs and fix a circuit.
  5. Connecting The Lights With The Switch Box: The electrician would connect switches and circuits and test for flow of electricity.

Once these are done correctly without any fault, the electrician would seal any wires exposed out and checks if everything works properly.  Choosing the best light can be left to your Glebe Electrician as he will know the best. Also, fix motion sensors in the staircase areas and basement where continuous lighting is not needed.