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Level 2 Electrician Campbelltown

Campbelltown’s quiet neighbourhood is perfect for a weekend bonfire with friends and family. But don’t let a peace, dark Friday night be an alibi for random power trip-offs and defective lights.

An evening of stargazing due to a power outage is never good. Even the slightest power fluctuation indicates a growing electrical issue.

Don’t wait until your Campbelltown home catches electrical fire. Call our emergency 24/7 electricians at Gordon Powers today!

We are a team of level 2 ASP certified electricians trusted by countless residents and businesses in Campbelltown and the rest of Greater Sydney. Gordon Powers saw and fixed it all, from private pole installation, overhead and underground cable repairs, to switchboard & powerpoint rerouting & upgrading.

Campbelltown residents love our professionalism and high standards as certified level 2 ASP electricians. We take pride in our fast and efficient service, which offers 24 hour emergency electrical repairs for households and businesses to protect you even during unexpected times.

We leave no stone unturned when hunting down your home’s hidden electrical issues. With that, Gordon Powers have hundreds of Campbelltown residents who can testify of our services.

Ensure a safe and reliable emergency electrical service from the best Campbelltown electricians with Gordon Powers!

Emergency Electrician in Campbelltown

Gordon Powers maintains its best-in-class quality by sourcing supplies and materials from top electrical brands. Add that to our decades of experience, and we’re confident that we’re the best Campbeltown electrician!

We take pride as the only Campbelltown level 2 electrician who can guarantee hassle-free customer service and problem-free workmanship—no fuss, no problem!

Moreover, we at Gordon Powers invest in our customer service as much as we do in training and equipment. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction with all of the electrical services we provide. All you have to do is call us for an appointment and assessment, then sit back and watch your lights return to life!

You’ll also receive a Compliance Certificate of Electrical Work after we finish the job. The certificate is proof of our high-quality electrical services following Ausgrid guidelines and NSW Electricity Act obligations.

Our 24 hour emergency & level 2 electrician services ensure a fast and efficient residential and commercial electrical solution when needed. Here are some reasons why Campbelltown residents and businesses love Gordon Powers:

  • Friendly customer service – We love what we do at Gordon Powers. So expect a lively and friendly atmosphere when we’re working. When you seek our help, you’ll speak with our friendly staff and not some lousy answering machine. Call us at (02) 9199 7480 and see for yourself!
  • Fixed Upfront Pricing – Call us today about your electrical situation, and we’ll respond with a fixed quote. That way, you can sit back and watch us work, knowing the service metre is not running.
  • We value our customers – We’ll be in and out of your place, leaving your property the way we entered without electrical issues and problems. Our team will bring general cleaning supplies and clean up after ourselves.
  • Accredited Level 2 Electricians – We are professional level 2 electricians capable of a broad range of electrical services in Campbelltown.


If you’re in Campbelltown, contact Gordon Powers today for a range of electrical services, including Level 2 electrician services, emergency repairs, commercial installations, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrades or installations, hot water repairs, , and more. Trust our team to handle any electrical issue or emergency with professionalism and expertise.

ASP Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown

An Authorised Service Provider (ASP) is a qualified and certified electrician by Australian grid authorities such as Ausgrid, Essential Energy, and Endeavour Energy.

Level 2 ASP electricians are also trained and authorised to service Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy’s power lines. You’ll find level 2 electricians fixing and installing private poles, underground cables, and rerouting overhead wiring systems for commercial and residential Campbelltown properties.

Our Level 2 ASP electricians can perform the following electrical work at your disposal:

Class 2A: Disconnect & Reconnect (D&R)

Class 2A certified level 2 Campbelltown electricians can safely disconnect and reconnect service lines at the connection point. Class 2A certification is required if the job requires de-energising from service poles for:


  • Electrical system upgrade
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical maintenance (switchboard repair and replacement, fixture repairs, etc.)
  • Fixing defect notices


Our team at Gordon Powers will perform D&R on the point of attachment, connection, and supply (power poles, facade, etc.) to ensure a safe and reliable environment for our staff and customers.

Class 2B: Underground Service Work

Class 2B electrical works include installing, repairing, and rerouting underground lines and wiring systems. You will need a level 2 certified electrician to perform the following underground work under standard local distributor procedures:

  • Install & connect underground service lines under the NSW Service and Installation Guidelines
  • Relocate & upgrade underground service lines
  • Restore the power supply from the point of attachment after the electrical work
  • Disconnect underground lines at the right junctions & ensure adequate protection devices

Class 2C: Overhead Service Line Work

Overhead service lines are prone to vehicle accidents, fallen trees, extreme weather, and natural calamities. Only level 2 electricians are trained to work on higher-risk environments such as overhead power lines.

Our level 2 Campbelltown electricians at Gordon Powers will install, connect, and repair overhead service lines in line with the NSW service & installation guidelines, as well as:

  • Relocate, upgrade, and repair existing overhead service lines
  • Restore power upon completion of Campbelltown overhead line work
  • Disconnect & reconnect overhead service lines at the connection point
  • Replacing defective service protection devices to guarantee a household safe from an electrical fire.

Class 2D: Energising Network Operator

Switchboards and power points have several wiring cables and fuses that may short over time or strip off due to pest nibbling and corrosion. A level 2 accredited electrician can service and repair service protection devices and electrical networks for your Campbelltown home.

We at Gordon Powers will also remove and replace electricity distributor security seals. That means you’ll get top-notch services authorised by Australian electrical authorities and energy providers.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Campbelltown

We know that electrical defects and power failures can occur at the most inconvenient times. Believe it or not, it’s almost always due to neglect and poor attempts to fix the problem.

Electrical issues are accidents waiting to happen. Fixing them without proper knowledge, training, and skills may lead to an accident—causing you more money and safety risks than calling an emergency electrician.

Besides, electrical issues gradually spread like cancer and may only manifest when they’re already beyond repair. Whether it’s a stripped wire, grounded connection, power surge, or damaged switchboard, we’ll gladly assist you with your electrical repairs round-the-clock.

Remember, starting a fire only takes a moist environment and a stripped wire.

Our emergency Campbelltown electricians can fix the following electrical issues and problems:

  • Household power outage
  • Blown house lights & power
  • Blown fuses & fuse boxes
  • defective power switches
  • Fallen power poles or overhead cables
  • Electrical sparks and arcs from power points
  • Electrical damage from lightning & storm
  • Loose and exposed electrical wiring
  • Grounded power outlets and power points

Call our 24 hour emergency Campbelltown electricians when you notice the early signs. No matter the job’s size, we’ll deliver prompt, top-quality service beyond your expectations.

We provide emergency electrical services on holidays and weekends too! Just call us as soon as possible, and we’ll arrive on time, every time.

The sooner you call, the faster our team can get to the root cause and provide an electrical solution that lasts! Expect our emergency electricians to arrive at your Campbelltown doorstep within 60 minutes, or it’s FREE!

Get The Best Electrical Services in Campbelltown

We at Gordon Powers live by our ethical and professional standards daily as Campbelltown’s best level 2 electricians. Experience electrical work that values your family, pets, and properties, and partner with a certified local electrician that cleans up after a day’s work.

We’ve helped countless Campbelltown residents restore a safe and defect-free electrical wiring system, and we can do the same for you. Get the quote today.

Don’t let electrical issues get in your way of living and put your family at risk. Call us today at (02) 9199 7480 and save $55 on your electrical services when you book online!



Q1: What electrical services does Gordon Powers provide in Campbelltown?

Gordon Powers provides a wide range of electrical services in Campbelltown, including electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Q2: Are Gordon Powers’ electricians licensed and insured?

Yes, all electricians employed by Gordon Powers are completely licensed and insured. They undergo regular training and are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations to ensure that all work is performed to the highest quality and safety standards.

Q3: Does Gordon Powers offer emergency electrical services in Campbelltown?

Yes, Gordon Powers offers 24/7 emergency electrical services in Campbelltown. We understand that electrical emergencies can happen at any time, so our team of qualified electricians is always available to assist with urgent electrical issues, including power outages, electrical issues, and more.

Q4: How can I book an electrical service with Gordon Powers in Campbelltown?

You can book an appointment for electrical service with Gordon Powers in x`x`. We will arrange for a qualified electrician to attend your property at a time that is convenient for you. Alternatively, you can get a quote or call (02) 9199 7480. 

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