A few seconds can change everything. That is also the case when you encounter a power dip issue in your home’s electrical connection. It can cause electrical dangers, so you must know what to do when it happens.

A home’s electrical system consists of a complex connection of wires and equipment. There are switchboards, outlets, switches, and safety devices installed to distribute electricity all around a property’s space. And as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to safeguard these components to ensure the safety of everyone living under your roof. 

One usual electrical problem you can encounter is a power dip. It is a few seconds drop in voltage in your circuits. Technically, it happens when there is a decrease of 10% to 90% of the nominal voltage for a half-cycle to one minute. 

A power dip is not a power interruption like a blackout since it only lasts for a couple of seconds, and the supply is still flowing in the wires. 

If you are wondering if it is safe for your connection, no it’s not. A sudden drop in voltage or change in current can cause damages in your home’s wire system. This article will help you to understand more what are the causes of a power dip and what you need to do when it happens.  

Causes of Power Dips


Overloading occurs when running all devices at a single outlet simultaneously. Bear in mind that a circuit has a limited load capacity. Using all appliances at once causes a small drop in the voltage. And electronics such as television and computers are prone to damage since their processors are sensitive when it comes to power changes.   

Motor Devices

Motor-dependent appliances, especially the power-hungry ones, affect the voltage distribution in an electrical system. Take the refrigerator as an example. The moment you plug it in, it draws about 250-watts of power, and it needs some time to stabilise the energy requirement. 

It is the reason why electricians suggest installing a dedicated circuit for high-powered appliances, so as not to disturb the power of the other lines.  

Short Circuits

Short circuits often happen when there are faulty wires in the system. They can still transmit current, but their conditions are not good enough and may soon fail. Wire faults occur due to old age, animal intervention, or broken electrical devices. 

Whatever the reason is, immediate repairs are necessary to avoid common electrical hazards. Or in the worst-case scenario, a fire from breaking out. 

What to Do When Power Dip Happens

Unplug All Appliances

To ensure that your appliances and devices, especially those with motors and microprocessors, are safe from a power dip, disconnect them from outlets when you feel there are sudden fluctuations in the voltage.

Activate Surge Protectors

One way to protect your connected appliances is to make sure to turn on your surge protectors. May it be like an outlet or a whole-house surge protector, you need to be safe than regret it for later. 

If you don’t have one, installing a surge protector is a good investment. It can protect your home equipment from sudden power drop and rise. Moreover, it can also save some energy to lessen your utility bills. 

Rewire Your Connection

An upgraded lifestyle calls for upgraded wiring as well. To meet your power demands, you need to call for a licensed level 2 electrician to conduct electrical rewiring. It also includes installing dedicated circuits for your high-powered devices such as air-conditioning unit, electric range, refrigerator, and washing machine. 

Call for an Electrician

There are instances where you are unsure about what electrical problem you are facing. In this case, booking an appointment from Gordon Powers is your best choice. Electricians are experts in locating wire faults and power dip issues. They also provide professional advice on how to handle different electrical enquiries for your guidance. So every time you have electrical needs, never hesitate to call for them.


A power dip happens when there is a sudden drop in voltage for a few seconds. It is usually experienced when electrical overloading, short circuits, or powering motor devices occur. And even though it only lasts for several seconds, it has negative effects for your electrical system that might also bring harm to your family’s safety.

Presented in this article is a simple guide about what is a power dip and what you need to do when it happens, it is now up to you to take the mentioned steps to ensure the peace in your home. 

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