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Level 2 Electrician Artarmon

You can find several different types of residential and business buildings in Artarmon. Many contemporary apartment buildings, townhouses, and more traditional houses and structures have historical backgrounds. 

Moreover, you can access many enterprises in the area, such as retail stores, restaurants, and technological firms. These infrastructures require reliable electrical connections and supply for daily operations. Households also need a stable power supply to sustain and do various daily activities.  

Fortunately, you can find a reputable electrical service provider. Gordon Powers is operating in the suburb of Artarmon, catering to the needs of residential and commercial clients. Our emergency electricians provide a complete range of electrical services, including electrical system installation, maintenance, and repair. 

We are very knowledgeable and talented in dealing with various electrical faults, from minor installations and repairs to more complicated electrical issues. Our team works safely, as we have the proper licenses and certifications. 

Additionally, our 24 hour emergency electricians know how to use the latest gear and equipment, guaranteeing we work while meeting the industry requirements effectively.

At Gordon Powers, we have received specialised training and have access to high-quality resources. We can serve you around the clock and deal with any electrical problems in Artarmon, from minor adjustments to major overhead and underground cable upgrades

Our ten years in the industry prove our commitment to ensuring that homes and businesses in Artarmon are free of electrical issues all year round. 

Emergency  Electrician in Artarmon

We have built a solid reputation by providing prompt, trustworthy electrical services at reasonable prices for over a decade. 

Our vast experience installing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading power systems, switchboards, and power points helped us establish integrity as authorised electricians. 

Besides, we provide great services, prioritising client relations through open lines of communication. Our reliable electricians in Artarmon keep you updated at every stage of the process, walking you through it step by step.

Our ability to provide Compliance Certificates for Electrical Work guarantees our work quality satisfies the requirements of the NSW Electricity Act and Australian grid companies.

By choosing Gordon Powers in Artarmon, you can gain the following benefits:


  • Professional Level 2 Electricians – We at Gordon Powers prioritise the best electrical services for Artarmon clients. We only hire certified and experienced level 2 electricians who have passed our rigorous selection process and training to render safe and effective electrical services. 
  • Free Safety Inspection – Our team firmly believes prevention is always preferable to treatment. In order to avoid any electrical issues from ruining your day, we provide free electrical safety inspections for your residential or commercial property in Artarmon.
  • Honest and Upfront Pricing – Integrity and honesty are our company’s guiding values when rendering services. We don’t overcharge you for our professional assistance. Our team of level 2 emergency electricians in Artarmon conducts on-site inspections and is available anytime to help. 
  • Same-day Services – Is there an emergency on your property? Don’t worry! Our level 2 electricians can assist you the same day you call us for service. Rest assured that we’ll arrive at your place in 60 minutes or less.

If you’re in Artarmon, contact Gordon Powers today for a range of electrical services, including Level 2 electrician services, emergency repairs, commercial installations, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrades or installations, hot water repairs, data cable installation, installing systems, and more. Trust our team to handle any electrical issue or emergency with professionalism and expertise.

ASP Level 2 Electrician in Artarmon

The difficulty of electrical tasks can vary, from repairing faulty components to putting in private poles. Not all electricians can undertake particular electrical jobs. Hire Gordon Powers’ ASP Level 2 electricians in Artarmon to eliminate any worries about electrical problems. 

We can tackle any electrical concerns since our team consists of skilled, qualified, and well-equipped electricians, making everything easy for you.

Major electricity providers like Essential Electricity, Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy have also accredited our electricians as Authorised Service Providers (ASP) in Artarmon. 

As a result, residents and business owners in the suburb may rest comfortably knowing that ASP level 2 electricians at Gordon Powers are within reach around the clock.  

You can deal with more difficult jobs, such as installing underground connections, managing overhead wiring systems, and maintaining municipal power lines. Our emergency electricians in Artarmon can easily complete the following electrical tasks: 

Class 2A: Disconnect and Reconnect

Gordon Powers’ ASP level 2 electricians are solely responsible for adjusting attachment points and accomplishing disconnect and reconnect (D&R) activities. De-energising the primary power supply through D&R tasks allows our team to complete a variety of duties efficiently, such as:

  • Secure upgrades of consumer mains.
  • Detecting faults and performing simple wiring repairs efficiently.
  • Maintaining switchboards and electrical systems without the risk of electric shock.
  • Quickly observing defect notices

Class 2B: Underground Service Cables

Despite not being susceptible to damage caused by storms or fallen trees, underground wires can be challenging to deal with as they wear out over time. 

But there’s no reason to worry. Our level 2 electricians at Gordon Powers have served Artarmon residents for over ten years, safely maintaining and fixing underground wiring systems. Our offerings consist of the following:

  • Putting up and connecting underground utility cables 
  • Shifting subsurface cables to accommodate an increase in the current rating
  • Replacing surge protectors and re-energising underground service cables
  • Performing disconnect and reconnect operations on underground wires, junction boxes and points of connection

Class 2C: Overhead Utility Cables

Most power poles in Artarmon transmit electricity to residential areas through overhead power lines. These wires are typically susceptible to damage from storms and debris. 

Fortunately, our level 2 electricians at Gordon Powers know how to assist you in handling various electrical issues. We are capable of carrying out the following tasks for your overhead service lines: 

  • Maintain and energise overhead lines.
  • Upgrade, move, or fix current overhead service lines
  • Restore the overhead power supply 
  • Disconnect and reconnect overhead service lines at the connecting point and the point of common coupling
  • Replace service protection devices using a service active and neutral link 

Class 2D: Energising Service Equipment

Households and businesses in Artarmon rely greatly on the reliability of the power supply for their daily activities and operations. Hence, ensuring routine maintenance of the machinery and electrical cables for safety is essential. 

Thanks to Gordon Powers, you can relax knowing you have trustworthy electricians in Artarmon. We are within your reach around the clock!

Our ASP level 2 electricians can safely fix, disconnect, improve, and perform D&R on network operators. We also can optimise and maintain service equipment. Our team has authorisation from Australian power regulators and energy suppliers to remove and replace electrical security seals. 

Our dedication to outstanding customer service and 24/7 emergency services guarantees utmost care, safety, quality, and efficiency. 

24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Artarmon

Electrical emergencies can delay and disrupt important activities on your Artarmon property. You may be throwing a party or celebrating a wedding when the electricity suddenly goes off. 

But no worries, as Gordon Powers’ 24 hour emergency electricians always have your back. We make it possible to prevent such circumstances with our timely electrical service in Artarmon. 

Our highly experienced and qualified team is on call and ready to respond to your needs promptly and effectively. We can resolve a range of electrical issues, including the following:

  • Household power outage
  • Blown house lights & power
  • Defective power switches
  • Burst fuses & fuse boxes
  • Fallen overhead cables or power poles
  • Electrical sparks and arcs shooting from power points
  • Loose and unprotected electrical wiring 
  • Electrical damage from lightning & storm
  • Grounded power outlets and power points

You can trust Gordon Powers’ emergency electricians if you ever need to deal with an electrical problem in Artarmon or anywhere in Sydney. 

Our ASP level 2 electricians can take care of your issues without delays. We are always glad to offer prompt and effective solutions, guaranteed safety, and client satisfaction.

Get The Best Electrical Services in Artarmon

You deserve the best electrical services available in Artarmon. Our level 2 electricians are accessible 24/7 to address your emergency electrical needs. 

With us in Artarmon, you won’t have to trouble yourself about missing work, postponing plans, or family trips due to a local power outage. Our ASP level 2 electricians deliver outstanding electrical services with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools. 

Gordon Powers can resolve any electrical problems in Artarmon quickly and effectively. Call us at (02) 9199 7480 or book an appointment online. You can also get a quote, and we’ll get back to you shortly!



Q1: What services does Gordon Powers provide in Artarmon?

Gordon Powers Electrician offers a wide range of services in Artarmon, including level 2 electrical work, emergency electrician services, commercial electrician services, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrade or installation, hot water repairs, , and more.

Q2: How long has Gordon Powers Electrician been operating in Artarmon?

Gordon Powers has over 10 years of experience fixing electrical issues in Artarmon and its surrounding suburbs.

Q3: What services do Level 2 electricians at Gordon Powers provide in Artarmon?

Level 2 electricians in Artamon at Gordon Powers are qualified to perform a wide range of electrical jobs, including installation, troubleshooting, wiring, cabling, setting up appliances, updating security systems, and installing security light fixtures.

Q4: What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 electricians?

While Level 1 electricians are qualified to lay, string, and join cables, Level 2 electricians are certified to handle larger and more complex electrical networks. They are authorized to work with and around Ausgrid, Endeavor Energy, and Essential Energy.

Q5: What kind of emergency electrical services does Gordon Powers provide in Artarmon?

Gordon Powers offers emergency electrical services in Artarmon, including power restoration for homes and businesses, fixing incorrect wiring, disconnection and reconnection of service lines, and other urgent electrical repairs.

Q6: How can I book an electrical service with Gordon Powers in Artarmon?

You can book an appointment for electrical service with Gordon Powers in Artarmon. We will arrange for a qualified electrician to attend your property at a time that is convenient for you. 

Q7: What areas does Gordon Powers provide electrical services in?

Gordon Powers provides electrical services throughout Sydney, including Chatswood, Abbotsford, Janalli, Dolans Bay, LotusParramatta, and many more. Check out here for a full list of service areas.

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