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Level 2 Electrician Cronulla

Surfing. Fishing. Scuba diving.

What a day! With Cronulla’s breathtaking stretch of beaches, gigantic waves, and vibrant beach life, we’re sure you’ve explored most, if not all, of its fun activities. And now you’re pretty spent and would want nothing but a good rest at home, in a nearby hotel, or at a beach house.

But, as you finally hit the sack—kaboom! An explosion followed by the smell of burnt wires and ACs shutting down woke your tired body. You’re probably thinking, Why, of all times, would the electrical system go nuts now? 

That’s the thing about electrical trouble. They always happen when you’re least prepared. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through these times alone. After all, you have Gordon Powers—the best electrician in town!

Whether a simple repair, pole installation or complete system rewiring, our ASP level 2 electricians are here to help you with all your electrical needs! From fixing blown fuses to installing energy-efficient systems, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. 

Our reliable and personalised service will keep you switched on and connected to the power you need to keep your Cronulla life moving forward. 

With us in Cronulla, you can have the beach life you’ve always dreamt of without interruption!

Emergency  Electrician in Cronulla

Being a suburb near the ocean, Cronulla often experiences extreme heat in summer, melting coatings and exposing wires. Sounds dangerous? Not at all with the BEST around! Gordon Powers level 2 electricians have what it takes to repair electrical issues, including UV-damaged consumer mains and cables.

With over 10 years of experience under our belt and a highly capable team of level 2 electricians, Gordon Powers has become a household name in effectively addressing the electrical needs of Cronulla. It’s true! Even our valued customers can attest to our excellent services.

We assure you that our commitment to quality work will only grow stronger as years pass by. Gordon Powers will continue to issue a Compliance Certificate of Electrical Work to customers and guarantee all its repairs—a testament to our undying commitment to quality work.

Hence, you can expect to continue receiving not only our expertise but also our best practices:

  • We clean after ourselves – Quality work is incomplete without cleanliness. Thus, we always make sure to tidy up after every project, leaving your home in the same condition as when we arrived just without the electrical trouble.
  • Personalised Customer Service  – Answering machine? We don’t know what that is! After all, all transactions are answered by our eager and friendly team members. Why? Because our customers deserve nothing but the best and most personalised customer customer service.
  • Fixed and Transparent Pricing and Discounts – We want the best service at a justifiable price for you. Tell us your electrical problem, and we’ll provide you with a price that will remain unchanged even if the work takes longer than anticipated! 

We also offer discounts for both new and existing clients: 

  • 50% off every time you book a same-day job online
  • 20% discount on your next job as you refer a friend to Gordon Powers
  • Have a powerpoint installed by our electricians, and get the second one at half the price 
  • Level 2 Electricians – Unlike ordinary electricians, our level 2 electricians in Cronulla can handle more complex electrical work.  

If you’re in Cronulla, contact Gordon Powers today for a range of electrical services, including Level 2 electrician services, emergency repairs, commercial installations, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrades or installations, hot water repairs, data cable installation, installing systems, and more. Trust our team to handle any electrical issue or emergency with professionalism and expertise.

ASP Level 2 Electrician in Cronulla

Meet the master of wires and the wizard of circuits—our ASP Level 2 Electrician in Cronulla! 

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, our electrician is here to solve your electrical woes and light up your beach life in Cronulla. Whether a simple fix or a complex installation, our expert will get the job done with finesse and flair. So if you need an electrifying solution, look no further than our ASP Level 2 Electrician in Cronulla!

But what sets them apart from regular electricians?

Tasks like installing underground cables or restoring fallen power poles require a level of complexity beyond a regular electrician’s expertise. In such situations, you’ll have to call an Authorised Service Provider (ASP) electrician certified by energy authorities, like Ausgrid and Endeavor Energy.

This is where we fit in the picture. Gordon Powers has the best ASP level 2 electricians  in Cronullathat can perform the following types of electrical work:

Class 2A: Disconnect & Reconnect (D&R)

Our Cronulla ASP level 2 electricians are professionals with Class 2A accreditation and expertise to disconnect and reconnect service lines at the connection point safely. And D&R is particularly important in de-energising systems for the following purposes:

  • Consumers mains upgrades
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Defect notices

Class 2B: Underground Service Conductors and Wiring Systems

Level 2 electricians also can carry out tasks on underground service conductors and wiring systems. Although these cables are installed beneath the ground and are typically less affected by atmospheric conditions, they are still vulnerable to the usual wear and tear. 

More precisely, at Gordon Powers, our team can perform the following based on NSW’s Service & Installation Directives:

  • Installation and connection 
  • Relocation and upgrade 
  • Replacement of service protection device

Class 2C: Overhead Service Line Work

Overhead service lines are utilised to transfer electricity over long distances, usually originating from utility poles, pedestals, or ground-mounted transformers. They may be exposed and vulnerable to extreme weather, particularly high winds and storms, automobile accidents, and falling trees. But there’s no need to worry since our ASP Level 2 electricians in Cronulla can:

  • Install and connect overhead service lines 
  • Relocate or upgrade existing overhead service lines
  • Restore electricity supply
  • Disconnect and reconnect overhead service lines at the point of common coupling and the connection point.
  • Replace service protection devices with a service active and neutral link

Class 2D: Energising Network Operator

Households have electrical protection mechanisms in place, such as circuit breakers, fuses, and surge protectors. These devices detect and halt abnormal electrical surges to protect individuals from electric shocks. 

Despite their effectiveness, these devices can still malfunction due to many factors. Fortunately, our level 2 electricians possess the necessary qualifications and skills to service and repair these protective devices. 

Additionally, they are qualified to remove and replace electricity distributor seals that are recognised by Australian electrical authorities and energy providers.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Cronulla

Cronulla beach life is nothing without the vibrant lights and lively music in the background or the relaxing facilities powered by electricity. Just imagine Cronulla without these—what a nightmare!

We want the best for you, too! That’s why Gordon Powers has a team of 24 hour emergency electricians who are always ready to respond to your needs with quality and safety in mind.

With their credentials and experience, our emergency electricians can specifically resolve the following electrical problems for you:

  • Household power blackout and outage
  • Blown power and blown house lights
  • Fuses have blown that are too hot to touch
  • Defective safety switches
  • Consumer mains defect or fallen power pole
  • Overhead main hit and damaged by a vehicle
  • Electrical help not provided by the Supply Authority
  • Fuse electrical smells
  • Electrical sparks shooting out of powerpoint
  • Appliances acting with flickering lights
  • Electrical damage caused by storm or lightning
  • Smoke or home alarm disconnection
  • Defective Switchboard/fusebox
  • Loose or exposed electrical wiring

Our 24-hour emergency electricians in Cronulla prioritise emergency requests, regardless of location or time. We guarantee to arrive within 60 minutes of your call, or else our service is free of charge. 

Therefore, feel free to contact us whenever you require expert assistance, as we are available 24/7 to cater to your needs!

Get The Best Electrical Services in Cronulla

Let’s turn Cronulla into an even more beautiful suburb by keeping its beaches, commercial spaces, and residential areas safely and stably powered.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. With Gordon Powers, the best electrical services are always within your reach. We ensure to only deploy the best level 2 electricians and use materials with the best quality in all our electrical works. You couldn’t ask for more!

All you have to do is call us at (02) 9199 7480 or book online to avail yourself of well-deserved services and discounts! You can also get a quote, and we’ll get back to you shortly!

With Gordon Powers, Cronulla is in good hands.


Q1: What electrical services does Gordon Powers provide in Cronulla ?

Gordon Powers provides a wide range of electrical services in Cronulla, including electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Q2: What electrical work can Gordon Powers’ level 2 electricians perform?

Gordon Powers’ level 2 electricians can perform Class 2A work, which involves disconnecting and reconnecting service lines, and Class 2B work, which involves working on underground service conductors and wiring systems.

Q3: Does Gordon Powers offer personalised customer service?

Gordon Powers offers personalised customer service. We have an eager and friendly team that answers all customer transactions, ensuring that their customers receive nothing but the best and most personalised customer service.

Q4: Does Gordon Powers offer fixed and transparent pricing for their services?

Gordon Powers offers fixed and transparent pricing for their services. They provide their customers with a price that remains unchanged even if the work takes longer than anticipated.

Q5: Does Gordon Powers offer discounts to their clients?

Gordon Powers offers discounts to both new and existing clients. They offer a 50% discount on same-day jobs booked online, a 20% discount on the next job for referrals, and a half-price deal for the installation of a second powerpoint. These fixed and transparent pricing and discount policies ensure that customers receive the best service at a justifiable price.

Q6: Are Gordon Powers’ electricians licensed and insured?

All electricians employed by Gordon Powers are completely licensed and insured. They undergo regular training and are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations to ensure that all work is performed to the highest quality and safety standards.

Q7: Can Gordon Powers help me with energy-efficient solutions for my home or business in Cronulla ?

We can help you with energy-efficient solutions that can help you save money on your electricity bills. Our electricians can install LED lighting and other energy-efficient solutions that can reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Q8: Does Gordon Powers offer emergency electrical services in Cronulla ?

Gordon Powers offers 24/7 emergency electrical services in Cronulla. We understand that electrical emergencies can happen at any time, so our team of qualified electricians is always available to assist with urgent electrical issues, including power outages, electrical defects, and more.

Q9: How can I book an electrical service with Gordon Powers in Cronulla ?

You can book an appointment for electrical service with Gordon Powers in Cronulla . We will arrange for a qualified electrician to attend your property at a time that is convenient for you. 

Q10: What areas does Gordon Powers provide electrical services in?

Gordon Powers provides electrical services throughout Sydney, including Campbelltown, Kingsgrove, Como, Heathcote,  and many more. Check out here for a complete list of service areas.

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